A New Outfit for a New Year

New season – new clothes

Heading into the New Year I think we can all be a little unkind to ourselves. Do more exercise eat less food spend less money. It is all about the have not after the excesses of Christmas, isn’t it?

I am no different I have to admit I have a list of resolutions that quite frankly make life look rather miserable ( despite me know ing all these resolutions are good for me)

Every year though I do treat my self to a new outfit for a New Year. It is a bit of a tradition.

As you know I like to get the very best value I can for whatever I buy so I am happy to tell you I have been scouring the internet.

I am after new jeans, a new coat, graphic tees, and new boots.


OD’s are a designer clothes website who specialise in designer labels for all demographics; men, women and children. They sell a huge range of gorgeous clothes everything from designer jeans to Froccella coats


Froccella Womens Coats

Froccella women’s coats are simply stunning, filled with goose down they are also absolutely certain to be cosy.



Available in black grey or beige these are the kind of classic coats that are timeless ins both style and design.


A New Outfit for a New Year – Replay Jeans

Replay jeans are just perfect for me they are high waisted and skinny and oh they just look uber comfy as well as cool ( both so important in a good pair of jeans!)


Hunter wellies

I have had hunters for years and I am ready for a new pair of these high quality, lovely, sturdy boots and this time I want red.




Oh, aren’t they a thing of beauty and SO practical for these muddy walk days.


So there you go – a lovely New years outfit put together form OD’s perfect for braving the elements and facing a brand new year.

or why not get cosy with a Canada Goose Parka?


A New Outfit for a New Year is a collaborative post


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