Don’t Eat This Book Review

Don’t Eat This Book Review

I always think that books are worth spending money on. They bring hours of pleasure and escape , they can teach you, help you relax, inspire you, motivate you and help you reflect. Books can be passed on, read again and recycled. Well, most can.

Not this one though! This cannot be reused or recycled but my goodness it will being you hour upon hour of fun.

Don't Eat This Book Review




Don’t Eat This Book Review

This is a book like no other. It makes you do totally barmy things, your child will be enthralled (I have to say I did a fair few pages in it myself). It is a totally interactive book that has you  doing crazy things to it like

splat it, soak it, rip it, wear it, tear it, bling it, camouflage it, glue it, break it, stick it, bury it, whack it

This book will get drawn all over and it will be absolutely adored. It hugely encourages a child’s creativity and really brings books to life. I thought this was a particularly good idea for a reluctant reader, a child whose attention is hard to hold and a child whose imagination needs encouraging.

This book will end up as a unique piece of creativity that will be a delight to look back on bike tracks, ripped pages, smell infested and all.

A small investment into hours of boredom bashing.

Wonderful and suitable for all ages.

Don’t Eat this Book is by David Sinden and currently £4.49 incl postage from Amazon. So good I have just ordered 3 as gifts.


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