A top tip for buying a used car

I’m going to share with you a top tip for buying a used car.

I’ve had my car quite some time now and the lovely red shiny Punto I first bought is starting to look quite bashed in and feel a bit ropey. Over the past year it has caused me to spend quite a lot of money a cry a few frustrated tears.

There was the time the windscreen wipers refused to work in the middle of a downpour, getting stuck when my power steering failed and almost being mugged (may have been my imagination) in a dark spooky car park. There was freezing cold mornings when the care would not start. Then there is the fact that if I pop my little boy’s bike in the car one of the children have to stay home.

I think I am ready for a new (to me) car.

But oh money as ever is a big factor in what I get. It will certainly have to be a used car.



A top tip for buying a used car

VCARS have many used cars for sale so I will definitely be having a good browse there

I will check out my local paper

And I will keep an ear to the ground to see if anyone I know is selling

I worry about buying a used car. I am not an experienced driver and (shamefully) I don’t even do my own oil and water (that is shameful I will rectify that and learn how to do it) I have only ever owned one car in my life. I am not really the right person to be choosing a new car am I.

I know I want a silver shiny one and I want it to be economical but more spacious than my punto. I want it to be UBER safe as my precious cargo (those pesky kids) will be in it.

So my top top for not getting ripped off with a used car and finding one that really meets my needs?

Ask someone else.

Not not you dear reader…me. I need to ask someone else. I need to enlist the help of a car savvy friend and ask them to help me in the search. There that’s it – my top tips. Find an ally who totally knows their stuff.


I’d like this one please!

Photo Credit: The Pug Father

Sometimes you have got to accept your limits and ask someone who knows. It could save you me fortune in the long run and just the price of a bottle of wine and box of chocs to say thanks now!



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