A tricky week #5frugalthings

It’s been a tricky week here and now Frugal Friday is here again! Hope you have had a good week – don’t they just absolutely whizz by.



A tricky week

Mine has not been so good if I am honest.

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday- it was my daughters last week..they come like buses. So, again, it’s been a bit of an expensive week but as usual I have tried to make savings where I can . Here is how I have done it.

1) I have had my eye on making money this week and I have a new product in the pipeline which I have to keep under wraps for now.  |I love creating things and taking a punt on a new project. I think sometimes I am a frustrated entrepreneur – I would love to go on the apprentice!  I will tell you more when I can.

2) I was asked to go out for lunch next week and with one thing and another, I just can’t afford it. (broken school bag/broken bed)  I have also had some pretty big dental treatment this week so actually, my, mouth feels sore too. But I want to see my friends so I am just going to have a quick coffee with them and be on my way. Needs must sometimes.

3) I said no to a party in London the travel was tricky but also our of my budget. I was sad to say no but just could not make it work at all.

4) I had some unexpected expenses this week and have had to dip into my tax savings so I have been really proactive at trying to get extra work in. This self-employed lark is tricky at time.

5)  We go down to one income here soon and I’m a bit scared truth be told so am working working working and if you can’t find me ..I’ll be working some more.


This has been a tricky and sad week and I am all over it.

So totally hope yours has been better than mine.


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1 Comment

  1. June 21, 2019 / 09:49

    What a frustrating week for you but I love how you have a steely determination and the resolution to say no to things. I am terrible for agreeing to everything whether that is going out, helping out or just doing!!

    Wishing you positive vibes for a better week next week xx

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