A video message from Santa for your child for free

My kids love to send a message to santa We sit down in the first week in December with some lovely writing paper  and lots of hope and the kids write their letters telling Santa they have been good and telling him what they want for Christmas.

Last year live from the northpole santa sent them an email. One for each of them. They opened the email and it became a little film of Santa talking directly to them! he had their photo and their letter, he knew what they had asked for and he told them if they were on sanats naughty ist or nice list.

They could not believe it. Santa looked exactly like Santa should, there were elves and a workshop and wow! he even knew how old they were and where they lived. They played their messages over and again. They could not wait to show daddy but…daddy had his own video message from Santa too (naughty list for daddy!) Wow.

The quality of these videos is excellent. It is so easy to feed in information to them and upload a photo. And quite unbelievably this service is FREE!

Free santa video


Something that’s fab and cost nothing at CHRISTMAS!!! A shock I know

We have seen Santa on a boat ride where he landed on the roof. we have been to Lapland UK, we have seen Santa on a train and SO many grottos. We have spent a great deal of money seeing santa. There really is no need too.

This is perfect and better than any tat gift you get and a few seconds with santa in a little grotto. I urge you to try this! Pop on over and leave your email at Santas portable northpole. In a few weeks you will get an alert that it is open and ready to go.


I know you’ll come back and say its ace because it truly is and it’s great for a stretched Christmas budget!





  1. Tina Robson
    October 19, 2012 / 09:58

    The mister did this last year for our two girls, the video was fantastic, made me cry. Think I’ve still got the link somewhere.

  2. Jen Stanbrook
    October 21, 2012 / 10:50

    Wow, I’ve heard of this but never seen it, and can’t believe it’s free! My eldest has decided she’s not a believer anymore but I’m going to do this for both of them, she’ll still love it!

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