A week of saying no

I do apologise for being a day late with my frugal things this week. I have no excuse other than the sun was shining and I took full advantage of it!




Here how my thrifty week has panned out…

1) I  have had some lovely, lovely walks in the sun. I live quite near a canal and it is such a lovely place to amble. I do think walking is brilliant it’s free, fabulous and accessible to all. One of my simplest and cheapest pleasures

2) I tried a new recipe. I used up a bit of mash with some gravy and a little left over quorn and veggies wrapped up in a tortilla which I shaped like samosa and sealed with water. I popped it in the oven for 25 mins and created a lovely pasty. My OH took it for his pack lunch and declared it delicious. A fab and simple way to use up leftovers.

3) I’ve said no quite a few times to extras my kids have asked for. I never find it easy but gosh what a powerful word ‘no’ is. We are off on holiday very shortly and need to save and they didn’t need the stuff they were asking for.

4)  I was about to buy a water spray bottle for crafting but instead fashioned one out of an old air freshener bottle. Just saved £1 but still…£1’s soon add on up!

5) Last but not least I am exploring a new income stream. Over on my interiors blog A Beautiful Space, I am about to start taking ads. I am really unsure if I will find the look of this a bother or if I will barely notice. But, time to give it a go and hopefully earn some extra pennies for my mortgage pot. Watch this space!


How’s your frugal week been?

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