About to Engrave a Ring? Ask These 6 Questions First

Today: About to Engrave a Ring? Ask These 6 Questions First


About to Engrave a Ring? Ask These 6 Questions First


About to Engrave a Ring? Ask These 6 Questions First

If someone has made the decision to have their future or current spouse’s ring engraved, it’s a great way to personalize this important piece of jewelry. However, for many, the biggest obstacle is knowing where to start. Regardless of if it is a wedding or engagement ring, or one that is just being given as a gift, there are certain questions that must be asked before moving forward with the engraving process.

  1. What is the Width of the Ring?

If the ring a person wants to have engraved is too thin, there isn’t much space to put the needed text. It’s possible to find  help at adinasjewels.com if the width of the ring is unknown. A general guideline used by jewelers is if the ring is under three millimeters in width, most jewelers won’t be able to engrave on it. Even if a person can find someone willing to do this, the results may not be satisfactory.

This leads to another question: what is the ideal length for engraving? Generally speaking, if a ring is more than three millimeters, engraving it should be fine, and five to seven millimeters is the best option for a quality inscription. Be sure to look carefully at the ring to see the amount of space that is available, and don’t forget to ask the jewelry what can or cannot be engraved on it.

  1. Does the Ring Fit Properly

It is important not to have the ring engraved before a person is sure that it fits properly on the person who is wearing it. Once the ring has been engraved, if it happens to be too large or too small, it has to be resized. In this situation, the engraving will be ruined, and it will have to be removed for sizing purposes. It is possible to have the ring engraved again after the resizing, but a person will pay twice for the same inscription. Also, the deletion of the first inscription will remove any metal from the ring, causing the structure to weaken.

  1. What Engraving Method will the Jeweler Use?

The specific engraving technique may seem to be a technical matter that is only a concern of the jeweler, but this is just partially true. The engraving machine that is used for this will determine the symbols that can be engraved alone with the level of precision that the jeweler is able to achieve. If the jeweler is using a laser, there will be more symbols and fonts to choose from than if someone is using a machine that isn’t as precise.

  1. What Symbols Does the Person Want Engraved?

It’s important for a person to stay realistic when they are choosing what to have engraved on the ring. For example, they may have some fancier symbols that they want on the ring but, in many cases, the jeweler will not have the capability of creating them. As a result, if someone wants something besides text, be sure to ask the jeweler if this is possible. If symbols are more intricate, they will only be able to be engraved using the laser engraving machine. If the jeweler is using more traditional equipment, it is possible to revise expectations or choose another engraver for the job.

  1. How Long will the Text Be?

If a person wants to have a longer sentence engraved on their ring, they may have to reconsider most jewelers. The majority of jewelers will only be able to put a few words on the small surface they have on the ring to work with. Some engravers use technology that is more up-to-date to create the longer sentences desired but, if there are too many words, the smaller inscription is going to be difficult to read. The key is to find the right balance to ensure the message is crisp and that it includes the most important things that a person wants to say to the ring’s owner.

  1. What Font Should be Used?

The font is yet another feature of the engraving that is going to be influenced by the jeweler’s methods of engraving and the technical capabilities of the engraving machines. There are some jewelers that will not be able to engrave anything more than a clean, simple font. This means if a person has something fancier in mind, like a gothic script, the jeweler may be unable to create it.

However, it is important to remember that, even if the jeweler is able to create the intricate font desired, there’s a good chance that, because of the smaller size, the inscription will be very difficult to read. This means that, when it is time to have a ring engraved, it is best to stick to a type of font that is both readable and simple.

Buying the Right Ring

If a person is thinking about purchasing a ring that they want to engrave, they need to consider what they are buying before moving forward. Make sure to consider all the factors above when choosing the right ring to ensure that the inscription for the band is achievable. It’s also a good idea to make sure to speak with the jeweler to ensure that the ring selected can be engraved. If engraving is not possible, it is best to move on to another ring if the engraving is a must-have.

Find the Right Jeweler

When it comes to having a ring engraved, finding the right jeweler is one of the key elements to keep in mind. When it comes to selecting a jeweler, one of the most important things to consider is the qualifications of the jeweler, as the tools and technology they have access to is going to impact what type of ring can be engraved and what can be engraved on the ring. Be sure to keep this in mind to ensure that the desired results are achieved, regardless of the ring or the size of the ring.


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