Achieve The Showhome Kitchen Look On A Budget

How to get a Showhome Kitchen Look On A Budget.

Everyone has one of those friends. You know the type. They ooze style, have creative interior design ideas left, right and centre and they seem to have the budget to match all of their decorative fantasies. You walk into their home, and they have achieved the showhome kitchen look.

Granite adorns every inch of work surface, the latest integrated appliances are sleekly hidden away, and the cabinetry looks hand crafted. When you enquire as to how much such an interior design marvel must have cost, the response is not as much as you might think. Are they telling a small white lie? The chances are they might not be. You can achieve a showhome kitchen look on the smallest of shoestring budgets.




Achieve The Showhome Kitchen Look On A Budget

Go Second Hand

The easiest way of achieving a look that otherwise might seem out of reach is to look into ex-factory or ex-display kitchens. We are not talking walking into somebody else’s home and picking up their well-used grease laden kitchen. Kitchens direct from warehouses and suppliers could be marked down by up to 75% just so the supplier can get them out of the door and make way for the latest models. You might be able to pick up a classic white shaker style kitchen, a quartz worktop or the latest Neff oven. Venture down to your local retailer and see what they have available.


Knock Down Walls for a Showhome Kitchen Look On A Budget

It’s not as expensive as you might think to knock down a dividing wall especially if it’s not supporting or load bearing. Even if it is, all that you require is a suitable reinforcing joist for a little-added support. Extensions can cost a small fortune, but merging two smaller spaces is doable. By creating a larger kitchen dining space, you are creating a central hub of the home. More natural light will be present, you’ll have loads more space, and you’ll be able to chat to your family and friends as they sit around your dining table and you whip up your latest culinary creation.



Natural light is vital for any living space to feel bright and airy. If you are lucky enough to have your kitchen backing onto your garden, consider installing French doors if you don’t already have them. For a modest price, you then have an automatically extended outdoor area for al fresco dining in the summer. For those winter months when you want to keep the heat in, you could consider purchasing some Montgomery made to measure curtains custom fitted to your French doors. This way you won’t lose money on your heating bills and your home will remain as insulated as possible.

If you have smaller windows, think about getting some modern blinds fitted to replace any old school and dated netting. Blinds give more freedom to create an open and bright space or a cosy and insulated area.


Minimal Change For Maximum Effect

Sometimes your internal cabinetry may be structurally sound. If you can get away with changing only the facade of your cupboards, you’ll be able to achieve a brand new look on a budget. You could go from 1980s mahogany effect doors to a minimalist white glossy affair within hours. It’s not just the doors that could be changed. If you have some tired looking lino adorning your floor, why not whip it up and lay some laminate or select a lighter, brighter lino. By trying to maximise the light within your kitchen, you’ll be creating the illusion of space without having to extend your humble abode.

Showhome Kitchen Look On A Budget



Storage in a Showhome Kitchen Look On A Budget

If you’re lacking drawer space or running low on kitchen cupboards, don’t neglect the option of installing an island. If you have space, a kitchen island can revolutionise the feel of your room. You’ll have added counter tops, extra cabinetry and you could even pop in an integrated appliance. You could select an island to match your current kitchen, or you could show off some creative flair and choose something to contrast your current style.


Our kitchens are very much the heart of our homes. The showhome kitchen is no different. You want to create a welcoming, vibrant space where the kids do their homework around the dining table, you meet pals for a chat and a coffee and where you host the most delectable soirees. Importantly, you don’t have to spend the Earth achieving this look, and on a shoestring budget you can have the kitchen of your dreams.


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