Add Timeless Style to Your Home on a Tight Budget

We all want to live in a stylish home but what if the budget you have to achieve this doesn’t seem big enough to get the job done?

Thankfully, it is possible to add a splash of timeless elegance to any property without splashing out a huge sum of money on it. The following are some of the best ways of doing this.


Buy a Classy Piece of Furniture or Two

It might seem that the cost of upgrading all the furniture in your home would just be too much. After all, once you look round the place you may realise that there are an awful lot of pieces you would need to replace if you were to make a thorough job of it. However, in some cases it could be that just adding one or two pieces of really classy furniture could do the job. For instance, you could get a beautiful piece of seating from a good value site like Uniche and make this the centrepiece of your living area. The entrance and hallway area is another part of the house where a lovely piece of furniture can make a big impact. Of course, if you start off doing this then you could look to add a new piece of furniture every few months or every year or so. When you want a great look it is far better to take your time and choose your pieces carefully rather than rush in and buy a lot of cheap and not especially good pieces at the same time.


Simplify the Look

Part of a timeless interior design look comes with a simple look that isn’t part of a fad or a trend. If the look you are aiming for is one of timeless elegance then this means using classic pieces instead of gimmicky ones that won’t stand the test of time. The good news in this respect is that you quite possibly have the right pieces already in your home. It could be that you just need to strip back the look and let your best pieces stand out more than they currently do. In this case, the changes won’t cost you anything and might even make you money if you decide to sell the items you take out. Simplifying the look or de-cluttering a property is often one of the most surprisingly difficult jobs to do. It might sound really simple but it can be tough to work out exactly what to remove. Often the best idea is to set aside a weekend and dedicate it to trying out a few different ways of doing this. It won’t be easy but you should get the right results in the end if you stick at it.


Change the Colour Scheme

The colour scheme you use in your house can make a big difference to the overall look. If you have gone for bright and bold colours then you will find that the timeless elegance you are after is very difficult to achieve. One simple step is to look at neutral tones instead. A good idea here is to check out your local builder’s show homes and how they use subtle, neutral colours to achieve the kind of look that appeals to most people. The traditional range of colours known by different manufacturers as the likes of heritage, historic or authentic are often ideal for adding a touch of true class to any property. If you do the painting yourself then this is going to be a really cheap job to do that very quickly makes a big difference. You could start off with one room and see how you like the look before committing yourself to buying paint for the whole house.





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  1. June 27, 2014 / 14:20

    What great quick and simple tips to alter your home. I intend to sort my home this summer.

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