Adult Acne is More Common Than You Think

Lets talk about adult acne.

Excessive skin oil and bacteria are the root cause of acne in teens and adults as well. Yes, you read it right, nearly 40-55% of adults have been diagnosed with adult acne. Acne is the eighth most common skin problem worldwide.

Acne may occur in adulthood although people are likely to associate it with teenage years. Medications, hormonal changes, and stress may lead to adult acne.

According to the studies published by the NCBI, it has been found that 15 percent of males and 85 percent of females have adult acne.


Adult Acne is More Common Than You Think


What is adult acne?

Acne is a very common skin problem that usually begins in puberty in teenagers as the hormonal level in their bodies change. When the pores are clogged on the skin due to the dead skin cells and oil, it might lead to acne that is commonly referred to as zit or pimple. Acne can continue into adulthood.

Blackheads, small pustules, or whiteheads may be found in mild types of adult acne. Moderate adult acne is likely to cover one-fourth to three-fourth of the entire face or body. Swelling, redness, deep cysts, and irritation might be seen in the extreme and severe form of adult acne.


Causes of adult acne

Acne is usually triggered either by hormones, medication, stress and sometimes this condition runs in families. Almost all adult acne is caused by clogged pores and inflammation.



Fluctuations in the level of male and female hormones in the body might lead to adult acne. This acne is tender and is even painful to touch. Acne occurs as these hormones are responsible for several changes on the skin and the entire body.

Overproduction or fluctuations in hormone levels can lead to inflammation, excessive production of sebum (oil), and pH imbalance. During menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum period females might witness hormonal changes.



Inflammation and weakened immunity might also trigger hormonal changes as they result in physical stress. Stress can arise from dehydration, lack of sleep, extreme weather, or exposure to irritants.

Based on the studies published it has been seen that people who smoke or have migraines and allergies are prone to develop adult acne. Air pollution and dust is another reason for this skin concern.

Adult Acne is More Common Than You Think



Some medications like corticosteroids, epilepsy treatment, and antidepressants are likely to trigger adult acne in some people. Certain formulations of contraceptives also lead to adult acne although these medications are often used in the treatment of acne. You may seek medical advice to know more about which medication is going to suit you the best.



On the type of acne and its severity, many arsenal treatment options are robust and they work quite efficiently. Some of them involve prescriptions, Over-the-counter (OTC) products, and home remedies. A healthy diet, a dedicated skincare regime, and exercise might also help.


Home remedies

Several home remedies work like magic for some people with adult acne. These remedies involve substances that could be applied directly to the skin as well as oral supplements.

The essential treatments involve the use of aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, green tea extract, probiotics, vitamin A and zinc.


Adult Acne


Medical treatment

Oral hormonal treatments are often prescribed by doctors for treating adult acne. There are a variety of OTC and prescription medications that have been approved for use.

Efficient medical treatment involves antibiotics, sulfur, blue light therapy, and hydroxy acids. Spironolactone is preferred by women who experience hormonally driven acne that gets flared up with the menstrual cycle. This medicine is responsible for keeping testosterone in check.

Adult acne is also treated by oral birth control pills as it assists in regulating hormones. You should be aware that not all products are effective for everyone. Read this article for exploring different products that might work for your skin type.


Use of non-irritating skincare products

You should consider using products that are gentle on your skin. If you are already dealing with acne then you should eliminate products that are harsh on your skin. It’s extremely important to not pick or squeeze at acne as it can lead to pigmentation and scarring.


Adult Acne is normal

The worth of your skin is not measured with acne. You can easily deal with it as you are not alone in this and there are a vast number of best acne remedies. You can experiment for yourself and find out which treatment is going to work for you. In the end, we all just want clear, vibrant, and healthy skin.


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