Adventures down under: family-friendly activities in Australia and New Zealand

The natural splendor, endless summers, and laid-back lifestyles of Australia and New Zealand attract families worldwide. But getting there is pretty difficult. But once you’ve discovered that everything you’ve heard isn’t exaggerated, the long flight is definitely worth the money and time! Cuddle with cute animals, meet the nicest people and discover the bluest ocean for yourself in these must-visit activities for family holidays in New Zealand and Australia.


family-friendly activities in Australia and New Zealand




The Great Barrier Reef

Be fascinated by one of the seven wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has the greatest coral collection ever. Set sail to a protected coral cay, Mackay, or Undine Reef with your family and explore the 1,500 different species of tropical fish while swimming or snorkeling! 

Spot whales in Kaikoura 

Kaikoura is a natural paradise and a marine hotspot in New Zealand. Between the Seaward Kaikoura mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, this village is located. It’s one of the best places to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch…whales! Yes, massive sperm whales in their natural habitat and maybe even some fantastic seabirds. 

Grampians National Park 

This is an ideal place to go see Australian natural wildlife, like kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and many others. Once you’ve started your hike, the trail will lead past places like the Grand Canyon, Elephant’s Hide, and Venus Baths. So does your family love nature and animals? Don’t skip this place on your travel list. 

The Maori World 

Family holidays in New Zealand are filled with adventure, but also exploration. Here you can explore the stories about the Kupe’s ancestors and ancient worlds. Learn more about the Maori traditions and how they interact with the natural and spiritual worlds through art, performance, film, and more. It’s a spectacular representation of the Kupe’s universe. 

Bondi Beach 

This famous location draws both locals and tourists. It’s a great location in Australia to learn how to surf with a local or professional. Learn the beginner’s steps or receive more advanced tips based on your surfing skills. The locals love to meet new families to teach them about this great sport.  

You can choose between lots of these kinds of family-friendly activities for your family holidays in Australia and New Zealand. Your family will definitely love these experiences, whether they enjoy the outdoors, cultural activities, or more thrilling adventures, these countries got it!


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