Advice for when you buy your first car

I would give myself some great advice retrospectively. However at the time was I prepared to listen? Not at all. I was 21 , at University, confident and impulsive. I am so cautious now (it’s hard to believe how secure I was back then!)

I wasn’t really prepared to listen to everyone who told me NOT to buy a car. Oh and there were many. Nope I thought I knew it all.

One fundamental problem meant many people advised me against even considering a first car purchase.


I couldn’t drive.


Like really couldn’t drive. I had taken a regular bunch of lessons aged 17. Then at 20 two guaranteed pass courses (which I failed0. Back home form uni age 21 me and my lovely mum had the bright idea that if I could get  a car I would have something to practice in. Mum and dad dint have a car you see so I never got to practice.

Trouble was I hadn’t just failed those tests a bit. I failed them a lot. I really was not much good.

Mum and I thought our plan was fool proof.

Advice for when you buy your first car

Once the Fiat Panda was purchased (and it was a right rickety old thing) I realized I had another problem.  Nobody liked being my passenger as I practiced AND I was a bag of nerves without dual break control.  |I kept having lessons when i could afford it but being at Uni this was sporadic. The car, barely used and a financial drain, was eventually sold.

Did I ever past my test?

After six tests and another TWELVE years aged 33 one of the proudest moments of my life came when at 6 months pregnant I learnt to drive.

In an automatic.

I have, to this day, never driven on a ring road a motorway or parked in a multistory.

Driving has never really been my  thing buying a car when I really could not drive was a bit rash. My advice would simply be …don’t! Put your money into lessons instead.  Check out the First car guide for good advice if you are int he market for your first car.



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