Affordable Birthday Gifts Your Teenage Girl Will Love


Just when you think you’ve overcome the traumas of the terrible twos, the terrible teens arrive. It seems the older we grow the more alien teenagers seem, with tech savvy language and mood swings galore as they find their own voice. These years are often full of requests for pricey products including the latest gadget, makeup palate or pricey gift we simply can’t afford. So how do you find a great gift without breaking the bank on a new iPhone or Kyle Jenner lip kit? Whether your teen is more of a girly girl, tomboy or trendy teen, you can find the perfect pressie to last her throughout her tweens and teens. With a budget friendly gift guide, you no longer have to worry about seeming like the “uncool” parent to your teen girl. They grow up so fast, and now with these top trendy gifts they can have a birthday to remember.


For the Girly Girl

Whether it’s cute pug blankets or the latest beauty kit, there are numerous inexpensive gifts for the girly girls out there. The key to finding the perfect gift for the girly girl is finding the right age, trend and product. There is always a risk when kids grow older that although they still like the same things they did when they were younger, they express that fondness in a new way. For example, a child might love batman in the form of a plastic lunchbox whereas an adult would probably be fonder of a collectable figurine or comic book. The same goes for girly presents, but by shopping at places such as Claire’s Accessories you can stay on trend as well as a save fortune on your teen gifts. Try an Emoji pillow, unicorn mirror or silver bunny earrings so your teen girl can enjoy the latest trends without you sacrificing your wallet.

Birthday Gifts Your Teenage Girl Will Love


For the Tech Savvy Teen

Although you might be inclined to steer away from tech and gadgets if you are shopping on a budget, there is really no need to. If your teen loves having the latest technology, you can get her something she will love for a lot less than you thought. There are two main routes to go down when it comes to saving on technology and gadgets; invest in a lasting, useful gift and get a cute accessory to jazz up what they already have. There are a variety of ways to save on essential tech such as mobile phones and laptops including voucher code websites and shopping for refurbished goods online. When it comes to tech accessories, if you can’t tear your teen away from her iPhone? Can’t snap her out of Snapchat? Well there are a variety of phone covers, popsockets, headphones and laptop cases to keep their tech safe and looking awesome.


For the Adventurer

Adventurous teen girls can range from the football fan to the hiker, covering teens who love to get active. Often parents can spend a fortune on the things their kids enjoy, encouraging them to pursue their dream career in music, sport or science, but often all they need is the support of their parents. That doesn’t mean however, that you can’t acknowledge their favourite hobby or physical activity on their Birthday, as there are many ways to treat the active teen which doesn’t cost the earth. From the small essentials such as thermal flasks for the outdoor adventurer, to the affordable footwear from places such as JD Sports. If you want to do something extra special for a sweet 16 or big 18th, then invest in a once-in-a-lifetime Experience Day she can enjoy with friends and family.


Just because you are shopping on a budget, that doesn’t mean that you can spoil your kids all the same. They say it’s the thought that counts and ultimately that has never been truer than when your kids approach their teenage years and are finding out who they really are. Whether you are bringing up a sporty star or a pink loving princess, shopping for your teenager has never been easier with a variety of small gifts, discounted products and savvy ways to save on something she will love for years to come.

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