Affordable family holidays

So far all our family holidays have been in the UK.

We have camped in Derbyshire and at the Wilderness festival. Cold, wet, muddy and great fun (for the kids)

We have stayed in caravans in Yarmouth and in Lincolnshire which has been lovely. We have been to a few holiday parks on the East coast and in Norfolk and we have stayed on a farm in Robin Hood bay. Last year we went to Cornwall and stayed in a family friendly hotel overlooking the sea. Lovely rural and peaceful. But oh I have missed the sunshine.

The reason we have mainly travelled in the UK is

1) because our children were so young and seemed to need so much ‘stuff’ it felt easier


2) because our budget was so limited.

But it is time to spread our wings, be brave and venture abroad.

Somewhere I would love to take them to is Majorca. I’ve been searching the net for affordable getaways to Majorca I have been to Majorca many times and I think it is a beautiful island, easy to get too with so much on offer. I always found the people very friendly too.

Here’s why I think this would make a lovely family holiday

Palma it’s capital is such a atmospheric old town but itis absolutely full of gorgeous shops. Palma has a gorgeous Gothic cathedral, which overlooks a harbour that really is just busting with life. A place to sit and people watch and drink coffee in the sunshine.

Photo: bortescristian

This is just the kind of place I love. The kids would love to see all the lovely Yachts coming in to harbour and it would open a whole new world to them. A history lesson too!

Photo credit: Ladycliff

Majorca´s waterparks are also pretty special and are known as being  some of the biggest and best in Europe. My kids love water rides but have never yet been to an outdoor waterpark. Western Park is one of the best know waterparks and it has something for everyone.

Having something for everyone pretty much sums up Majorca.

When I was young we stayed at party resorts most of the time and we have a brilliant time. But there are many family friendly, quiet resorts around too. In fact Majorca is well known for being family friendly.

Majorca is a place of many contrasts. It has tiny  inlets, little ancient hidden away towns, huge sweeping, sandy beaches, pine forests and mountains.

It is an easy place to visit and a great place to explore.

It takes only a couple of hours to fly to Majorca too from where I live  in Nottingham, so it’s looking like a lovely family destination to me! And just perfect for our first family trip abroad.

Photo credit: Thomas Tolkein

I can recommend the Rough Guide as great resource for more info on this lovely island


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