Aldi’s new art range (perfect gift ideas)

Aldi’s new art range is pretty impressive!

As a budgeter I am pretty sure you will already be familiar with the excellent value you get at Aldi and probably do shop there on a regular basis? Their food is just amazing value isn’t it and so fresh and such great qualty. I have been making some lovely recipes from Aldi’s veggies this week come check out my flatbread!

Anyway this time I’m not wantiting to talk to you about grocery shopping and how to save money. Instead I want to talk to you about some fantastic Special Buys currently offered by Aldi and how these would be just fantastic Christmas gifts or staples for you own art cupboard.

Oh my goodness, Aldi’s art selection is good. They have peniclls and pastels, easels and art storage boxes, in fact a whole host of high qulaity art essentials. Prices start from just £3.99 and as these are specialbuys you can buy instore or even online whilst stock lasts (but when they are gone they really are gone.)

 Art at Aldi

Lucky for us Aldi sent us some pieces form their range to review. We tried out the pastels and pencils and made some cards with them. They are such lovely quality and a really nice range of colours and at £5.99 and £4.99 repectively these are excellent value.

aldi's new art range



The easel and canvases will be great fun too and the kids who cannot wait to get started! (£16.98 for the set)


The storage box is also just brilliant and such a handy and neat way to store all our craft bits and bobs (£14.99)


Such a lovely range and these would make such great gifts at fabulous prices! Get your self dowm to Aldi and grab an arty bargain!

What are Aldi Specialbuys?

  • Specialbuys are the unique and exciting great value products you find online at Aldi and in store. They cover a wide range of activities and hobbies, from sports, camping, DIY, BBQs and much, much more. You can shop them here
  • The Specialbuy shop has new arrivals every Thursday and Sunday. You can either buy direct from your local store the day they go on sale, or order from their online shop up to a week in advance.
  • To avoid missing out you simply sign up HERE to the weekly Specialbuys newsletter and it will let you know what’s on sale now and what’s coming up next.

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