Alternatives to Deliveroo

alternatives to deliveroo

Looking for alternatives to Deliveroo

If you are a big fan of takeaways but really looking to reduce your outgoings you may well be looking for alternatives to Deliveroo. My OH was a big fan of takeaways but blimey, they can be expensive. The trouble was neither of us knew much about cooking and we rarely ever cooked from scratch.

So we ordered in (a lot.)

Processed food (especially beacuse we are veggie) and lots of salad and soup just gets dull. And quorn? Honestly we could have had shares in the stuff.  But things have really turned around here and now we are cooking from scratch a lot and whipping up some great food.

Have a look at the 5 frugal things we have been doing to get our takeaway use since Christmas down to zero.


Five frugal ways to avoid expensive takeaways

Invest in a great cook book with simple recipes

Even a really basic cook could handle the great recipes from BOSH For those of us on a plant based diet, who are often overfaced by frankly enourmous and pricey ingredient lists this book is a revealtion. I have nade about 10 recipes from it since Christmas including the  crispy tofu above and not one has failed.  This was a little investment  into  banishing the takeaways and it has totally worked. It has been a delight to cook from. My advice is find a recipe book that works for you and give it a go.



Get you kids to eat anything

Getting your kids to eat anything means you dont have to resort to a takeaway beause they will only eat bland food that you don’t want. Nope, it means you can rustle up a great super tasty meal you will all enjoy.

If you have a picky eater than I have to recommend this awesome new book to you . It is written by food and parenting blogger Emily Leary. Her book, entitled Get your Kids to Eat Anything is full of awesome recipes and a simple and effective 5 phase progamme to truly get your kids eating anything. A brilliant idea!  It will save you SO Much money in the long run.



Meal plan

If you meal plan for the week ahead each and every week then shop the day before for that meal pan –  you will never be without what you need for a decent meal. Hence you can avoid a desperate takeaway! Simple but effective.


Count your money

Work out what you spent last month on takeaways, then think what else you could do with that money. You will be amazed. being clear about outgoing often stops reckless spending.

Focus on your health

It is SO much healthier to cook form scratch – you will know exactly what is going in your food and can control fat content and calories. This will really aid a helathy diet and is well worth bearing in mind when you are considering alternatives to deliveroo!


Over to you – where have your thifty thoughts been this week?


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  1. February 22, 2019 / 17:11

    I love the ‘Takeaway boxes’ that you can get in the ready meal section of the supermarket for about £8-£10! That’s my usual go-to choice if I can’t be bothered to cook and don’t want to spend £50 on deliver!
    Emily xx

  2. February 23, 2019 / 21:54

    Brilliant tips! I’m definitely getting the BOSH! book. And thanks so much for including my book!

    • Becky Goddard-Hill
      February 25, 2019 / 16:02

      Most welcome

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