An essential packing list for a family holiday abroad

An essential packing list for a family holiday abroad

Oh, I often have wished that someone would hand me a really clear packing lists telling me exactly what to pack for a family holiday abroad. I invariably forget something pretty crucial. One year I forgot all my knickers..oops.

No one has given me that list and my family seem to run and hide when its packing time which is, of course, no help at all.

So to help both myself and all of you what I have done is sit calmly, no crazy last minute packing to be done, and I have written that list myself. I want you to have a good look at it and let me know in comments anything you may think I have missed and I will update it as required.

So, here we go…. the ultimate and essential packing list for a family holiday abroad




European Health Cards

Drivers License ( if driving abroad)

Visa ( if required)

Travel insurance documents



Pants and socks enough for every day x 2 because you know (sand and stuff!)

2  swimming costumes per person

Goggles and armbands and diving sticks

3 pairs of shorts each

7 t-shirts each


2 cardigans /sweatshirts each

A raincoat each

flipflops/sandals and  trainers each

2 going out outfits each



razors and shaving gel


after sun

shower gel



mosquito spray and afterbite




small first aid kit

hand gel

toothbrush and toothpaste

Pain relief ( Check out The Independent Pharmacy)



Towels and flannels if required

Beach towel each




Pack of cards


Soft Toy

Small games

A few DVD’s

Technology ( iPad/iPod)

Chargers for phone/iPad/camera etc

European plugs


I do hope this list helps you as you prepare for your holidays and don’t forget if I have missed something you think is essential do let me know.


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