An Interesting Christmas Gift Guide guide for Men

Well everyone always moan that they find men tricky to buy for  and I have just read that underwear int he least popular Christmas gift you could give so  here are some inspired alternatives (that I bet you like too)

An interesting and unsual gift guide for men


Men really do like chocolates too (or that’s what I always say) Oh Christmas just would not be Christmas in our house without a big box of Throntons Continental. This tradition goes right back to my childhood. My dad used to sell Christmas paper on Chesterfield market and on Christmas eve they would count up there profit form the past few weeks and buy an enormous box of Contintental to celebrate.   A 445g box is just £10 or you could even buy  3 for £25. Such a lovely gift to give and nice to have in the home (and way too many to eat to himself!) Plus you get milk, dark and white chocolate so there really is one for everyone.



Also for the man in you life how about a cookbook to  encourage him in the kitchen. I have recently reviewed the Tibits vegetarian cook book and it is fully of delights I would love to sample. I definitely think my husband cooks better than me he just need to do it more. Perfect gift for him, its full of simple, stylish veggie meals 🙂

Pic Tin

My hubby love his music and the next few gifts all relate to that. Once a week he has a guitar night and this tin of Jimi Hendrix pics will go down a treat with ‘the band’  Aren’t they fun! The pics have album art on and you get 12 in the tin. £9.99 from

pic tin

Wireless Headphones

Next I have chosen these Jam transit wireless stereo headphones. Much as he loves his music sometimes it is just too loud and too heavy for me and I need him to HUSH!  You get up to 11 hours playtime with this and  he can move between speaker and call. It works on bluetooth and is wireless up to 10 metres.  How impressive is that!

The Jam rewind retro speaker is also really very cool and I love the look of it (take me right back!)

It has some pretty fabulous qualities including four speakers which deliver superior bass performance, 8 hours of wireless play, a  rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a line-in for connecting non Bluetooth devices. Its alsop really portable, acts as a speakerphone and has a 10metre range and voice activated commands. How cool!  It cost £37.18 on Amazon.

Family Collage

Next up is something much more personal for his home office wall. This collage is just gorgeous and contains 4 of my husbands favourite pictures. The collage canvas is from Photo Box and came within a very speedy 3  days. Such lovely quality and there were so many design options available.



Now Chipolo is one of those very practical gifts that are just ingenious and you will wonder how on earth you ever managed without it  Chipolo is a Bluetooth item finder that connects with your smartphone and enable you to track and find item like your key, handbag  or lap top. How cool is that!


I love a good board game and so does my husband and they are a brilliant idea for a Christmas gift. It’s a lovely to play a game with family and firneds over the holidays , particularly a new one and Accentuate is just so much fun!  Basically you have to speak in one of 30 accents and your team have to guess. So much harder than you think and the funniest game I’ve played since Twister. Love this! Was entirely rubbish at it and my 10 year old son surprisingly good (well we had to road test it for dad!)  £19.99

Well I hope you have enjoyed this gift guide and it has given you a few interesting and unusual ideas. No one needs more socks!


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  1. April 26, 2016 / 13:23

    I always find it really difficult to find interesting gifts for the males in my family. Great post.

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