An unusual idea for Valentines day

Subscription boxes are brilliant gift ideas for any kind of occassion but I love them as an idea for valentines day

My Voucher Codes have  put together the Subscription Box Finder. Subscription boxes aew are all the rage at the moment and are the perfect gift as they keep giving all year round.

The Finder features 5 of the best boxes for both men and women with options for food, drink, beauty and fashion. You can take a look at it here:


The finder was put together by My Voucher Codes to help compare subscription boxes.


I think (dropping hints here) that the tasting club looks rather fabulous. Oh yes I wouldnt mind a little box like this dropping through my door each and every month!

Classic Selection

I don’t know that it would do my diet the world of good but I am convinced a littel treat can keep you going in the right direction! (Mind you maybe that’s why I need to diet!)

People often complain that Valentines is just one day and we should show our love the whole year round. Well a subscription box is actually a really good way of showing your love each and every month and I love the long term impact of the gift.

My grandma in law buys me a magazine subsrciption each year for my birthday and I think of her every month when iI receive it. So in giving a sucbsriotion box for Valentines you wuld be spreadign the love days out too.

It is definately an unusual valentines gift idea and rather a lovely one too.


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