Applying the Finish Touch: How to Complete your Home Refurbishment on a Budget?

If you have ever completed a home-improvement project, you will be only too aware that months of hard work and financial investment can be undone by a poor and low quality finish. This can be extremely counter-productive, as the time and effort spent in executing your plans can be undermined by a sudden dearth of funds or a careless approach. With this in mind, you will need to be extremely thoughtful when attempting to complete your project on a budget, and consider the importance of the finish long before you commence work.


So how does this translate into practical and actionable advice for cash-conscious families? Consider the following: –

·         Factor the Finish into your Budget: One of the biggest obstacles facing families is that they tend to run out of funds before the time comes to complete their project. This is because they have either set an unrealistic budget in the first instance or simply left out finishing materials and products in the mistaken belief that they do not cost a great deal of money. When budgeting, however, it is important to be thorough and include every potential cost in detail. This will help to ensure that you are not caught short, while also enabling you to distribute funds evenly across every stage of the project. 

·         Strike a Balance between your Artistic Vision and Financial Common Sense: Another issue facing families is their choice of finish, as expensive materials can derail a project if you are unwilling to compromise. The key is to keep an open-mind when visualising your ideal living space, and be prepared to make practical changes in line with your budget. If you would prefer to paint your home but discover that wallpapering provides a more financially viable option, for example, you will need to adapt and search for trends and products that enable you to strike the ideal balance.

·         Shop at a Single Supplier where Necessary: While it may be impossible to purchase all finishing products and materials from a single supplier, this depends very much on the size and nature of your project. The principle behind this rule is to deal with as few suppliers as possible, as this will enable you to buy in bulk where necessary and access potential discounts. If you are looking to extensively tile your kitchen and bathroom walls, for example, consider shopping at a one-stop resource like Tiles4All as a way of reducing the cost and time associated.


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  1. March 2, 2014 / 22:30

    Thank you for this advice, we have a lot of projects we need to undertake.

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