Are your kids overscheduled or do you wish you could afford more?

Today – Are your kids overscheduled?

New research from Capital One has revealed the extent to which children in the UK stand to feel the effects of the recession, They found a third of all parents are planning to reduce the amount spent on their child’s extra-curricular activities, sports clubs, artistic endeavours and other leisure activities. At present, these valuable activities cost parents in the UK £50bn every year but this looks set to fall.

  • · 1.3 million parents will reduce spend on children’s sporting endeavours
  • · 1.1 million to cut back on music, art and cultural extra-curricular activities
  • · 800,000 parents to reduce children’s participation in academic extra-curricular education

overscheduled kids

Photo Credit: NathanRussell

Are your kids overscheduled? Mine are


My thoughts on this

Yes, this the reduced spend could put in jeopardy hopes of finding the next great Olympian, ballerina or artist if parents cannot afford to fund their children’s ambitions and interests and I do think that would be a real shame. But I know my kids are overscheduled and actually would it be better for their free play and rest time to do less as well as my pocket?

What do you think and Are your kids overscheduled? I’d love to hear your thoughts please drop me a comment below






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