Arts and Crafts on a budget

Arts and Crafts on a budget

Arts and Crafts on a budget


Our summer has been filled with fun (obviously the odd squabble too)  and lots of arts and crafts on a budget. Oh we love thrifty craft ideas

As my kids have got older they spend more and more time playing with their friends and with each other, watching films, going on tablets  and relaxing with music. Sometimes I watch a film with them and we will paly board games but on the whole, I am not as involved in their play as much as I was when they were little.

One are a we still absolutely love to share though is arts and crafts on a budget. It s important to me that my children stay creative as they get older. So many children confident and secure in their creativity as little ones become terrible self-conscious and awkward about it as they get older and as a result, they slow down hugely on arts and crafts.

Being creative not only helps in all areas of education but it I also really good for the soul. It makes you happy, proud, think differently about things. So I’m all for keeping arts and crafts alive in the family home.


Arts and Crafts on a budget – top tips

One thing that I think can put people off arts and crafts is their expense. craft items can be really costly. But, if you shop around their are some great value arts and crafts items to be found.

Over at The Works  you can get 10 craft items for £10. Now that’s a good deal. We love to make cards and they are a great money saver and these craft embellishments would just be perfect.

Homemade cards always indicate that thought and effort have been put in and people (especially family) love to receive them. My really creative niece jasmine recently made me on with a plasticine caterpillar on with all her siblings thumbprints in each section. It was so cute.

My daughter likes to raid the recycling bin and make models out of boxes and milk jugs ..another inexpensive source of crafting.

We love to make a range of things and are always so proud of our creations.

If you are looking to frame your kids art there are some fabulous frame to be found over at

arts and crafts on a budget


I find when we sit and craft together we always have a really good talk too as it is the one time the kids are still enough, I love these times. We recently had a go at these DIY paper spinner toys – they wee so much fun!

Arts and crafts remain a firm family favourite and I hoping this will continue for many more years to come. It is such a chance to bond, it is inexpensive and productive and really such a delightful way to spend a few precious and relaxing hours together.


More arts and crafts on a budget

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