Baby Monitor: Necessity or unnecessary luxury?

Are you expecting a baby and are you considering buying a baby monitor? I’ll tell you how to choose the one that will best suit your requirements. And I’ll tell you whether a baby monitor is a necessity or just an unnecessary luxury.

In any case, baby monitors make life easier and easier care of the child, thus relieving the stress of mothers.


Baby Monitor:


Why is the baby monitor a necessity and why should you buy it?

The answer is simple to keep your sweetheart safe.

To some, a baby monitor may seem like an unnecessary luxury, especially if your home is small and your baby will always sleep near you. But after one use, you will find that it is the best thing you could buy. 

Many times as a mother you will be so tired that you will fall asleep and you will not know how it happened. But a good baby monitor will wake you up with such a strong alert when the child wakes up or even move a little that you will never be afraid to fall asleep again.

When will you use the baby monitor?

  • at home
  • on vacation
  • whenever your child will be sleeping in a crib/stroller /big bed/etc.
  • if you put the child to sleep outside in the garden and work alone in the house – or vice versa
  • if you have more children and you want to have a more comfortable overview of all of them
  • if your baby grows up and plays all alone
  • if you need to do some work/housework
  • if you want to take a long alone time, e.g. take a bath, read a book, watch Netflix

You will enjoy the baby monitor when you’ll want to have an overview of your baby’s sleep (or his activities), no matter how large an apartment or house you live in.

Technical requirements on the baby monitor

Mobility and battery life are important criteria. Some baby monitors have batteries, others can be charged, and some are also powered directly from the mains. The importance of baby monitor mobility is that you can use it anywhere, anytime.

And, of course, what is always important – the operation and clarity of the transmitted audio and video. And it should also be important for you the two-way communication feature. So you can calm down the child through the baby monitor.

You can select different kinds of baby monitors based on functions according to your requirements. Video transmission, the possibility of connecting to a mobile phone or smart TV. Some baby monitors play sleeping lullabies and white noises, others have temperature sensors or night vision.

A baby monitor that has all the essential features

Annie baby monitor app has a lot of special essential features you’ll love and definitely enjoy use – unlimited reach (on WiFi, E, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G), 4k video and crystal-clear audio, two-way video, picture in picture for multitasking, soothing baby by talking thru the app, lullabies and white noise, motion detection, night vision, audio and video recording, audio activity chart, zoom.

Annie baby monitor app creates a baby monitor system with both audio and video capabilities. You’ll need at least 2 devices. No need to buy any other special equipment, use the devices you already have – smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apple watch, Onvif/HomeKit camera.

Annie is an available and affordable baby monitor. You can try this baby monitor app for free for three days, then you can purchase a subscription of your preference – weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime.

All you need to do for using Annie baby monitor is go to App Store or Google Play and download the Annie Baby Monitor app on your devices. One device is a parent unit and the others will be a child units. Pair the devices and the monitoring can begin!

This baby monitor will become an indispensable device in your life with a baby.

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