Back to School: 6 Things That Are a Must-Have

As schools are about to reopen you should plan for your child by getting them the essentials. Preparations go a long way in the success of your child’s education, thus as a parent, you need to provide the basics for their school.

Here’s is a list of 6 things that your child must have when they return to school.


Back to School: 6 Things That Are a Must-Have



A backpack is a vital investment since it will help your child tote supplies and books from Monday to Friday. There are a variety of bags to choose from, and backpacks and messenger bags offer hands-free choices, which is beneficial if you child is running to catch a school bus. Backpacks also distribute the weight evenly around both shoulders which makes them highly preferred.

When selecting a backpack opt for the one with multiple compartments, a padded back to minimize pressure on the shoulders, and reflective material. This will ensure you child is safe and comfortable when travelling to and from school.


Study materials

Practice makes perfect and this makes sure that your child swiftly gets back into things. If your child struggled at a particular subject last year, get study materials whether a book or educational material that will enable them to improve.

You can guide them by engaging in five-minute activities that will help improve and build their skills.



With numerous dates to track from sports practices, social events, homework assignments to art lessons, a calendar is essential. The most popular choice is a carry-along planner because it nicely fits into a backpack, allowing easy access both at home and school.

If you have younger kids, a home calendar will provide a great visual reminder for what’s happening on a daily or weekly basis. You can also choose one that has fun and educational facts on each page.


Back to School: 6 Things That Are a Must-Have


Reusable water bottle

To avoid the public water fountain, get your child a reusable water bottle to help them thwart dehydration. This is a better option than buying a throw-away bottle of water, as it will promote the idea of helping the environment. There are also a range of designs your child can choose from.

 By equipping your child with a water, bottle you will be able to know the amount of water that they are drinking, which is beneficial for their health.


Face mask

Masks are an essential part of our lives and they cannot go unsaid, especially in a school environment that is full of people of various ages. Protect your child in style by getting them breathable cotton masks that are available in various sizes, styles, and colors.

Label all masks with your child’s name and you can get your child a hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands.



Children grow so fast and to give them the comfort that they deserve you should equip them with appropriate clothing. It can either be a pair of pants or shoes, whichever it is just make sure that they fit well. It is essential to find comfortable school shoes since comfort is of utmost importance and this will help prevent injuries and boost their confidence.


Final words

Before getting your child the above 6 things, it is important to check with the school rules to ensure that they don’t get into trouble.

These must-have things will not only ensure that your child is ready for school, but they will have a positive effect on their performance.


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