Get More For Less This Back To School with Pep & Co

Do you worry about the cost of kitting your kids out when it’s time to go Back to School.


There is a new kid on the Back to School block and families on a budget are going to be delighted.

If you are after affordable, qualty uniform then Pep & Co offer competitive prices and a fantastic range.


Back To School with Pep & Co


Pep & Co will most likely have a store near you. They are taking on the supermarkets and have their biggest back to school range yet.

A uniform at Pep & Co can cost as little £5.50.


Pep & Co ‘s logo is ‘Ge More for less’ and that’s exactly what you can do in store. My kids lose items of clothing at school all the time despite name labelling so If I can buy it inexpensively then that’s what I am going to do!

The essential white polo shirt in 100% Pure Cotton is available from as little as £1, trousers are from £3, skirts from £2.50, dresses from £3, cardigans from £4, Sweatshirts from £2, shirts from £1.75 and shoes from £8.

Isn’t that amazing!

The ESSENTIALS range is outstanding for everyday basics such as underwear and socks too.

I think Lise looks super smart in her Pep & Co blouse and pinafore and it withstood her skipping, football, gardening and studying with ease.

Pep & Co are not just inexpensive. Their range is both wide and diverse – they have uniforms, sports kit, footwear, underwear and stationery (at Poundland.)

Pep & Co describe their uniform as ‘Value driven with style in mind’ The uniform also has the benefits of Teflon® and Always Smart® and comes in easy to care for fabrics and much of it  in 100% Pure Cotton.

This fabulous  Back to School range is available in 289 Pep &Co stores including selected Poundland stores.

For your nearest store check the Pep & Co store locator







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