Baebox – the best subscription box for girls

Each month my daughter, who is 9, receives a fabulous Baebox – undoubtedly the best subscription box for girls.

You have probably heard about Baebox there is just SUCH a buzz around this subscription box.

Baebox is a wonderful monthly subscription box full of positivity and inspiration and not a lipstick in sight (hurray) . This month’s box contained a fabulous water bottle, lip balm in fun emoji tuvb, a personal organiser (with a homework section!) some inspirational notes and some chocolate eggs, and a little plague about family to hang from her notice board.

How absolutely gorgeous is that? I would have liked it myself! Here are just a few of the bits included.


best subscription box for girls

You can choose a tween or teen box. and  as a  guide, the tween box is for ages 8-12. The teen box is for ages 13-15.

Here is my daughter opening a previous months box (Christmas) – so much fun!

This box gives my daughter such a boost each month. The motivational quotes are so inspiring and remind her awesome and how strong she is. These boxes can be bought as a one off or as a rolling subscription and they really do make a lovely gift idea.

Baebox for boys is coming ever so soon and I really think they out to consider Baebox for mums so I dont get so jealous!




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