Bamboo Vs. Cotton Sheets: Which is Better? — An Overview

Bamboo and Cotton sheets are widely and commonly used bed sheets. While cotton is old school and has been used for a very long time, bamboo is trendy and eco friendly so a new generation ro people who are more cautious about health and environment are inclined towards it. Bamboo bedding is still relatively new to the market.


Bamboo Vs. Cotton Sheets


Although they are gaining popularity with speed because bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and have healthy benefits, they would still take some time in expanding their market. Whereas cotton sheets are so popular and common, they are known for their breathability and durability. Cotton sheets are classic in characteristic, there is just one Egyptian cotton that is highly surprisingly prized.

Here are some types of bamboo and cotton that are discussed. Then, moving on to the comparison of both Bamboo and Cotton sheets by each different characteristics to help understand better:

Types of Bamboo Sheets

Percale: This weave uses a one thread over, one thread under pattern, which creates a crisp, lightweight fabric with a matte finish.

Sateen: The sateen weave is one thread under and three to four threads over. Sateen typically has a silky feel and a lustrous sheen.

Twill: The twill weave has diagonal parallel ribs. This is the weave used in denim, so it may look familiar. Because the ribbing adds texture, twill sheets may not be the smoothest option, but they tend to be very durable.

Types of Cotton Sheets

Percale: The same one over, one under weave pattern used in bamboo sheets is also common in cotton sheets.

Sateen: For the sateen weave, three or four threads go over for each thread that goes under. This creates a silky fabric that drapes well and has a subtle luster.



Twill: You can recognize twill by its diagonal ribbing, which looks similar to denim. Cotton twill sheets typically aren’t as soft as other options, but they usually last for years.

Jersey: Jersey is actually a knit rather than a weave. Since cotton jersey is the same material found in many t-shirts, sleeping on cotton jersey sheets may feel like being enveloped by your favorite tee.


Bamboo Vs. Cotton Sheets

  1. Durability

Bamboo sheets are highly durable because they are easily stretchable as they have long fibers woven together, It is not easily torn or gets damaged. It also tends to hold good color and dye lasts long unlike other fabrics that are prone to discoloration.

Cotton sheets are more traditional than bamboo. They are quite fragile and do get easily torn. However, the durability of cotton bed sheets is high and lasts long even after multiple times of washes it starts to get softer.


Soft and comfortable

Bamboo bed sheets are very silky and luxurious in touch. Although they have lesser thread counts than cotton, their softness is unmatchable and gets only softer after every wash without losing its newness.

Cotton sheets have endless varieties and there are many kinds.of cotton weaved in particular ways. While most options are smooth and soft, there are percale cotton sheets that feel somewhat rougher at first, but soften after a 4-5 washes.



Bamboo sheets are mostly woven together with use of percale, sateen, or twill weave. Bed sheets that were tagged as”bamboo” are qualified as modal, rayon, lyocell.

However, cotton sheets also typically use percale, sateen, and twill weave. But cotton is widely available in the market when compared with bamboo sheets, als because it is cheaper than that.

Price friendly


From 50$ to 200$, Bamboo sheets are in all ranges and are quite expensive. No matter how good they are for comfort and breathability, it is not good if the price is expensive and non friendly.

Cotton sheets are very cheap comparatively. They start from sets under $50. This is one of the reasons they are available in the market and are likely to get purchased.

Temperature regulation

Bamboo Vs. Cotton Sheets


Bamboo bed sheets are made of natural fabric which wouldn’t harm and will stay healthy as long as possible. It is very breathable, soft, and silky in nature. But few people believe that they feel more of the comfort in cotton fabrics.

Temperature regulation is one of the major potential of cotton fabric. Their properties like breathability and moisture-wicking. It is best to keep us cool and comfortable good night.

Cleaning and maintenance


Bamboo sheets last long if treated with proper care in the washing machine without much usage of chemical detergents. They are easily maintained because of no discoloration. In fact, they have the quality of turning softer with every wash.

Cotton sheets are usually machine washable but it entirely depends on the fabric. As there are a lot of varieties available. In the market for cotton, it’s hard to identify which is pure and durable enough.


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