Bank Holidays on a family budget

Bank Holidays on a Family Budget

Bank holidays are an ideal opportunity for families to spend some extra time together – whether that means visiting relatives, taking the kids for days out or having a family BBQ (if we’re lucky enough to get some nice weather!).

This year, in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we’ve just had an extended four-day weekend, with Tuesday June 5th earmarked as an extra Bank Holiday.

 As a result, households across the nation have had some recent practice at making the most out of some extra family time without putting too much strain on the purse strings.

 With this in mind, here we’ll look at how many families spent the Jubilee weekend, and what steps you could take to make future bank holidays fun – but still (relatively) frugal.


How did families spend the Jubilee?

According to a recent survey by, the budgeting bank account provider, almost 7.5 million adults in the UK were planning a getaway over the Jubilee weekend – with 2.5 million of us heading to foreign shores and 5 million looking to holiday on British soil.

The findings reveal that more ‘traditional’ bank holiday pursuits are still proving a popular choice. 40% of the people going away in the UK (so more than 2 million people) were planning day trips or activities, 30% (1.5 million) were going to visit relatives and 19% were planning to spend the weekend socialising, such as having a BBQ.

Furthermore, more than 400,000 people going away for the Jubilee were intent on rolling out the bunting and cutting the cucumber sandwiches for a street party.

However, it’s easy to overspend when it comes to big one-off celebrations. Nearly 25% (around 11 million people) expected to spend more than usual over the Jubilee weekend, so next time there’s a bank holiday, how can we cut back on the costs without cutting back on the fun? A few ideas that might help.


Tips for a more affordable bank holiday weekend

The next bank holiday’s on August 27th, in case you weren’t sure. But taking the kids out to expensive attractions and spending a small fortune on treats just isn’t realistic for many families in the current climate.

You could still keep the kids entertained at a fraction of the cost by:

  • Taking a trip to the beach or countryside. The kids can burn off some energy and you can get a bit of time to relax – a win-win situation!

Photo Credit: Annakika

  • Going for a picnic. Rather than spending money on expensive meals out, take a homemade hamper and freezer bag and head to the countryside. All you’ll have to count on is some good weather…
  • Visiting a free event. From museums and food fairs to art exhibitions and open-air concerts, summertime sees all kinds of free events that could keep the whole family entertained. Find out if there’s one near you.
  • Getting arty. If there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed to keep kids occupied for hours, it’s getting creative (and messy!) with paints, crayons, glitter glue and lots of paper. The perfect option for a rainy bank holiday – and as we all know from experience, that’s pretty likely even in August!

These are just a few money-saving tips that could really help you knock £s off the cost of your bank holiday fun – and still make it a weekend to remember.



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