Bathroom Wall Stickers – Budget Bathroom Decor

Bathroom wall stickers

I have been taking a look at bathroom wall stickers this week as a budget bathroom makeover is on my to-do list.


Bathroom Wall Stickers


A special room

I absolutely love my bathroom to look good.

It is such a special room for me.

Not only does it bring me 5 minutes of peace from my kids, but it also brings me much need to rest after a busy day for both my mind and for my body. I have a bath daily probably and it is a precious and protected time.

 A Japanese study recently confirmed that having regular bahs could be more beneficial for patients with depression than aerobic exercise. So having a glorious bath is definitely good for the spirits.



blue elephant

Bathroom wall stickers


A bathroom makeover on a budget – Bathroom Wall Stickers

I don’t have much money to spend on my bathroom makeover so I have to be considered about my purchases. At the moment it is white and plain. Bottles and jars are everywhere and the mirror is old and marked.

My bathroom makeover shopping list was written with a budget firmly in mind.

  • Bathroom wall stickers to save me on the cost and inconvenience of redecorating and to add some energy to the room.
  • A couple of stunning plants to inject colour and life (I might see if anyone has some cuttings I could have)
  • An under the sink storage container to rid the room of all the clutter (totally happy with preloved so I will take  look around the usual second-hand sites like Gumtree and eBay)
  • Fresh towels – supermarket towels will do they just need to be new, co-ordinated and fluffy.



Bathroom wall stickers

I have been looking over this huge range of bathroom wall stickers and I’ m so excited to share a few with you that have caught my eye. These stickers can be applied on doors, on shelves, over the bath, on mirrors and even on shower screens.





Bathroom Wall Stickers


These Bathroom wall stickers are inexpensive, simple and speedy to apply and can easily be removed when you fancy a change. A brilliant budget way to update your bathroom decor.


Vinyl rugs

I have also considered vinyl rugs for my bathroom.  Such an affordable and super simple way of injecting some colour and style into a rather plain room. And,  as they are made with PVC they would work well in the bathroom







Ther are so many ways to make a bathroom look amazing on a budget, without a huge amount of work and with fabulous results.


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