What I cannot bear to leave behind when holidaying in the UK

I love to holiday in the UK because you can take as much luggage as you like (or that will fit in your car) rather than just a suitcase or two if flying abroad.

There are just somethings I really cannot bear to leave behind.

Here are things I cannot do without ….

(these3 are my obvious take-alongs)

I also  like to take all my toiletries too, not just a few but a big load. Having frizzy hair I also like to take my hairdryer, straighteners and a whole load of hair products without which I look extremely bedraggled.

I also like to take a number of board games on holiday. When we have that precious time together we love to play board games and they don’t pack light. Our current favourite is Nottingham Monopolyit is  great fun buying up the streets I know so well.


I also like to take wellies, anoraks, warm coats, sun clothes, coats and clothes for every eventuality. We love the changing UK weather and its even better if you are properly dressed for it. Rock pooling in the rain in canvas shoes is not fun!

Wellies form Debenhams

I also don’t like to leave behind our trusty picnic basket. We love to picnic when we are on holiday either on a beach or in the countryside. As vegetarians we often find we fare better is we self cater and it is lovely to have our picnic basket with us.


So that’s it  a whole load of hair products, the right clothes for all our adventures. a few fab board games and our picnic basket. Our holiday must haves.

Yes we could manage without these items but they make us so happy and that really is what a holiday should do. They also make life much easier so I really wouldn’t like to leave them behind. This is why holidaying in the UK is best. You can take whatever you want with you.

What could you not bear to leave behind?

This is my entry into the  www.holidaycottages.co.uk must-haves competition



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