Beat The Christmas Countdown: Home Decor Edition


It’s the key question that is on many a person’s mind at the time of year. No, it’s not what you get great uncle Bob for his 95th Christmas, and it’s not whether to make an extra batch of mince pies just in case the Williams’s from 52 drop in this year. It is, in fact, “Have we got time to do something about the state of the house before everyone descends on us for Christmas?” Happily, the answer is probably yes as well, as long as you get a bit of a move on, and for some extra help, you can even follow our step by step build below.




The first step that you have to get sorted is decluttering. That means ensuring that surfaces are clean, that bags of random stuff including Xmas pressies are hidden away out of site, and that you can see the carpet in every room. Yes, even in the dreaded junk room, or guest room as it becomes during the festive period.

If you find that you have way too much clutter to pack away neatly, then take it as the universe sending you a message that it’s time to do a good Christmas turn and donate some of the charities listed at Something they will surely be glad of at this time of year.


Freshen up

The next, and possibly most complicated stage of getting your home decor in a decent state for Christmas is to freshen the place up a bit a bit. This is where you need to be careful though, especially if you are on a strict timescale, as a quick freshen up can easily turn into a full renovation if you let it.


Instead, you need to be realistic about the jobs that can be done in a decent amount of time, and that will make the biggest impact on the look of your home. Choose things like putting up shelves, replacing old wallpaper, and fixing cracks in the wall as a priority. You can visit sites like to get the materials for this without breaking the bank too. Something else that can be pretty handy around Christmas time, what will all those presents to buy!



Once you have sorted any minor repairs, you will need to give the place a thorough clean. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to do this before the start of Christmas proper, or treat yourself and get a professional in to do it. Something you can find out more about at sites like After all, the festive period can get super hectic, and you don’t want to get overwhelmed and not enjoy the holiday yourself.




Decorate in a festive manner

Then, the last task is to decorate your clutter free, freshened up, and sparklingly clean home in a festive manner. If you want to be super on trend with your Xmas decs this year, you’ll want to know that the Nordic, rustic style displayed at is particularly in.


So look out for Christmas themed knits, tin mugs, and baubles, and anything forest animal related for the perfect festive finishing touch to your home decor.


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