Becoming a Billionaire: Which Universities Educated the Most Successful People?

Which Universities Educated the Most Successful People


Which Universities Educated the Most Successful People?

Have you ever wondered which universities educated the most successful people.

Defining success is a tricky undertaking. Whether you’re devoted to raising your family, an entrepreneur pulling herself up from her bootstraps, or dedicated to climbing the corporate ladder, one person’s success could be another’s stagnation.

Despite the huge variety of life goals and definitions of success, one thing is certain: it should be built on a strong foundation. For those with high career aspirations and who define success by their pay check and position, an education at a prestigious university is often the first step.

Students attending world-renowned universities are already considered bright among their peers, but the benefits of attending a great university extend far beyond the classroom. Networking and alumni events can open the door to a world of possibilities because good connections can only positively impact your chances of obtaining your dream career.


Which Universities Educated the Most Successful People



High Achievers

If you’re interested in following in the footsteps of famous billionaires, this infographic created by can help. They used Forbes’ 2018 billionaires list to find the top 100 graduates and then found out which university/universities they attended, what they studied, and how they subsequently made their money.

On the list of the top ten universities with the highest total net worth of graduates, the USA takes the prize with seven of the ten top universities. It’s no surprise that Harvard University tops the list since it educated ten billionaires. Other ivy league schools like Princeton, Columbia, and University of Pennsylvania make the list, along with three other American schools, two Chinese schools, and one school in France.

Looking at the full top 100 list, we see a lot more variety in terms of countries. Schools in China, Russia, Germany, and India are also well-represented. However, when we look at the average net worth by university, the US still comes out on top because Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and richest man in the world, attended Princeton.

Viewing the data as whole, another interesting point is that every billionaire in the top ten list has a Bachelor of Arts/Science. Liberal arts grads can give a sigh of relief since they’re in the company of billionaires!



While success is the sum total of many different factors, this infographic might make it easier to get a billionaire-worthy education!

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