Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

When you are looking to create a safe haven in your family home I bet it is the bedroom you have in mind?

Peace and quiet, delicious sleep, a place to be a grown up and a couple again. Much as we all love our kids we all need time away don’t we. I know there are some nights I shut my bedroom door with a sigh of relief.

I am looking at updating my bedroom soon and have been exploring lots of ideas.

At the moment our room is full of cheap MDF furniture that is on its very last legs. Drawers don’t slide in properly and slump under the weight of too many clothes . Our bed is old and the springs are shot we do need to update it.

We are looking at great value for money kingsize beds  as that would be such a lovely upgrade to our double. I would really like a solid wood one too …ah wouldn’t that be blissful.

I like solid wood. We have just one solid wood chest of drawers and it is such a vastly superior quality to the MDF I know it will last us and I love its traditional look.  I have seem some chest of drawers made in India that I love. They look substantial and classic without looking old fashioned or ‘heavy’ and they would look lovely in a bedroom

Another item of bedroom furniture I do long to replace is an aluminium laundry bin that holds our blankets, our bed sheets, pillow cases and duvets. It was only ever meant to be a standby item but is just one more of those things we never moved on from. Whilst this is a very practical piece of kit it really doesn’t have to be ugly like our current one. You can actually get some beautifully handcrafted blanket boxes & trunks  and these really can be a stylish addition to a room.

Solid wood makes me think of permanence and I love the idea that a piece of furniture will last through generations. I have inherited a gorgeous box from my Aunty  made of wood that I use to keep the children’s treasures in and I just love it. I feel like every knock and bump and scratch and layer of polish has been added by hands I know and love. Its  a piece of history and yet part of our every day. Wood ages with you and it holds memories.

Wardrobes are another possibility of course where I could update my room with some lovely solid wood  there area wide variety of high quality bedside tables around. I love my bedside table to be just right a lamp 2 good books, my phone with the alrm on, a little cup of water.

Wooden furniture is lovely because it speaks of home and reliability, of nature and of robustness. It is solid, secure and beautiful. What more could we want for in our family homes.

Plus I love the smell of polish don’t you?



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  1. May 1, 2013 / 16:32

    I do love the smell of polish but that means cleaning which I don’t love so much! Lovely post hope you get some nice furniture for your bedroom soon.

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