Bedroom trends for 2020

Bedroom trends for 2020 – There are some lovely ideas and I have to say I am feeling rather inspired!


Bedroom trends for 2020


Bedroom trends for 2020 – top tips and ideas for a new decade

My current bedroom

I absolutely love my bedroom. It has to be my favourite room in the house… it is where I sleep and relax and it is my happy place.

There is a problem though.

It really needs a makeover as it has been about 6 years since it was decorated and it is well and truly looking dated.

Generally, I like modern interiors with flashes of pop art and I usually go for white walls with pops of colour and comfy furnishings. A clean, fresh style.

My current bedroom, though, is entirely different from the rest of my home. It is decked out in blues and pale greys and it is a calm, neutral and relaxing room. I have really enjoyed this contrast. It is definitely time for something new as my wallpaper is faded, the paint is a little patchy and I am bored with it.

But oh where to start?

I’ve been having a look at bedroom trends for 2020 and considering what might work in my bedroom.


5 Bedroom trends for 2020 – inspiration!

 There are a host of gorgeous bedroom trends for 2020 – lets talke a peek

Natural materials

Natural materials are going to be a big part of interior design in 2020. Soft woollen throws, basket style lamps and wooden flooring are all on-trend and absolutely my style.  I really am considering pulling up my carpet and fitting wooden panelling. A big wool or faux fur rug would work to keep my toes warm on wintery mornings.


Bedroom trends for 2020


Big bold prints and jazzy colours are characteristic of maximalism and it is a trend I won’t be partaking in next year. It’s just not for me: I would never sleep and I am pretty sure it would give me a headache. In regard to bedroom trends for 2020 this is one I can leave. The only place I would go for big and bold is in my desire to buy a tv bed – king size of course – and super comfy. I am all about a big comfy bed and one you can hide your TV in too? Well, that is just perfect.


Bedroom trends for 2020



Grey is another of the big bedroom trends for 2020 and actually, it is one I think I could embrace. I would want a soft pale grey. I do find grey a very restful and chic colour and I can absolutely see this working. I can imagine using it for bedside cabinets, wallpaper or a duvet. Not too much or it could look gloomy – just a hint.



Biophilia is our innate human desire to connect with living things and in design trend terms this is all about houseplants!  They make such a lovely vibrant and fresh addition to a bedroom I don’t think I could ever NOT have a house plant in my bedroom. Usually, I go for tiny succulents.


Moody Blue

Moody blue is another on-trend colour for 2020 and, as velvet is still hot property, I think I would combine the two and have some blue velvet cushions and a white duvet in my plant-filled bedroom with grey and white walls and a basket- style light. Perfect.



What do you think of these bedroom trends for 2020? Are you interested in up and coming design trends? If you are perhaps you would also like to look at my post on lighting trends in 2020.




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