Beets wireless key finder

I lose things a lot, always have done.

Beets wireless key finder

I mislay my keys all the time. Yes, almost daily and I spend loads of time hunting for them. Boring and annoying!

This little pager tag has made all the difference. I have attached it to my keys, downloaded the simple pager tag app and now when I cannot find them I simply press the send alarm function on the app on my phone and the pager tag  on my keys sounds, enabling me to find them.

Super simple and absolutely brilliant,. I just love this device!





It is compatible with the following devices
1. iPhone 4s (or later), iPad 3 (or later)
2. Any smartphone with Android 5.0** (and later) with Bluetooth 4.0 hardware
3. Samsung with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 (or later)

Useful features

Operates on single coin CR2025 battery for up to 1 year and is Water-resistant

You could also use this device to track children (with about a 15ft distance) and to check when your bags are approaching (at airport baggage claim) how cool is that!

I loved how easy it was to set up and how simple and effective it is. Oh if only all technology was this straightforward!

The beets wireless keyfinder cost £20 from Amazon


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