Benefits of having your own dishwasher

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Most people don’t see anything wrong with washing up every night, but there are in fact many benefits to having your own dishwasher, as we discuss below.

Saves Time and Effort

Washing up is nobody’s favourite chore, especially when there’s scrubbing and scouring to be done. Instead of slaving over the sink leave the job to the dishwasher and give yourself some much-needed relaxation time.

It takes approximately 9 minutes to load up and unload a dishwasher containing 12 place settings whilst it would take 60 minutes plus to do the same when washing by hand. You could save yourself up to 4 hours a week to spend with your family thanks to your dishwasher.

Saves Money

The initial outlay for a dishwasher isn’t necessarily going to be cheap. There are plenty of different brands from well-known brands like Bosch dishwashers to less common models which come as part of an integrated kitchen.  After the initial outlay there is evidence which suggests your dishwasher will use less water and energy than washing by hand and with the ever-increasing costs of utilities a dishwasher can actually result in paying less for your utilities.

Benefits of having your own dishwasher

Saves Water

The majority of modern dishwashers use less water than you use when washing behind as the dishwasher is designed to recycle and filter smaller amounts of water than those you need when filling a bowl and washing up by hand.

Saves Energy

As we’ve already made clear through our assertion that dishwashers save money – they are proven to also save energy. The majority of dishwashers manufactured in the last decade use a much smaller amount of water per cycle than you’d use whilst washing up because they filter and reuse the water throughout each cycle. What’s more the most modern machines will heat the water themselves rather than needing to utilise the house’s boiler.

Better Hygiene

Dishwashers are known for getting your dishes cleaner but more importantly they destroy more potentially dangerous bacteria. Your dishwasher can use water at a much higher temperature than the human body can stand. These higher temperatures are ideal for destroying germs completely and combined with strong dishwasher detergent are brilliant for hygiene. Remember too that your sponges, dishcloths and scourers are hotbeds for bacteria and germs and they become basically unneeded when you have a dishwasher – removing another danger.

Clutter Free Kitchen

No more sky high piles of washing up and dish dryers cluttering up your counters. With a dishwasher you can load up and load out and there really is no excuse for a single dish or unwashed cup to sit on your counters. Your kitchen can be the hub of your home and great for entertaining without having to be embarrassed by the state of your sides.

Dishwashers are becoming more common in every household and furnished rented properties usually have them too. Give yourself your life back and turn the taps off for good and invest in a dishwasher.



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