The benefits of off the plan properties

Have you thought much about the benefits of off the plan properties?

I watch a lot of location programmes and get very excited about the prospect of a lovely home somewhere sunny and far way, perhaps near a beach or nestled in gorgeous countryside.

Whilst watching these programmes I have often heard the phrase ‘off the plan’ properties’ but I have always been pretty unsure what this means.benefits of off the plan properties


What is ‘off plan’ property?

Basically ‘off plan property’ is  property before a structure has been constructed upon it. Pre-constructions are usually marketed to Real estate developers and to early adopters as developments so that the purchaser can secure much better finance terms from their lenders.’ I love Wikipedia don’t you!

Benefits of buying ‘off plan’

The benefits  of buying off plan property are that home buyers can buy a property at a lower price than if they wait for construction of their chosen property to commence.

Secondly buying off-plan may be the only way to get a property with a specific location or set of features as choice because may be limited once construction starts.

How to buy ‘off the plan’

Over at  you can see a whole range of off the plan properties. This site enables you to review, compare and choose your ideal off the plan property and hold your hand throughout the process. Not actually having a concrete property in front of you can feel risky particularly if you are overseas so it is great to have an expert partner in this process. They are also able to showcase exclusive properties and deals that you might not otherwise find.

They service clients from all over the globe that are looking to buy an off the plan property in Australia. Living in the rainy UK this does sound extremely attractive to me at the moment! It is smart  to go through reputable companies as ones like ibuynew have staff who can really help you such as accountants, financial planners and mortgage brokers.

It really can be a money saving way to buy new.



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