Best Apps for kids with adhd

Lets take a look today at the best apps for kids with adhd.

Living with ADHD can be challenging, not just for adults but for children and teens too. If your kid has been diagnosed with ADHD, he might need a little extra help managing his everyday tasks.

You might need to look for different approaches to handle difficult situations, which means going beyond the limits of traditional child-rearing. Thankfully, technology is here to the rescue. Here are 5 incredibly amazing apps that you can use to help your child or teen manage his ADHD better.


Best Apps for kids with adhd


Stop, Breathe and Think Kids

Mindfulness is an art, and we all need it even more today. Children with ADHD can especially benefit from practicing mindfulness and can feel more in control of their emotions and thoughts with time. And guess what? This app helps them do just that.

Stop, Breathe and Think Kids comes packed with 15 free mindfulness exercises for your child to explore, with more available for purchase.

Within the app, your child can also check-in and stay in tune with his emotions by labeling how he’s feeling, and then choose to do an activity (like deep breathing or visualization) based on the feeling. Definitely one of the Best Apps for kids with adhd


Homey Chores and Allowance

Children with ADHD can get a nice self-esteem boost by performing household tasks and keeping track of them. Homey Chores and Allowance does just that and is a boon for kids with attention issues.

You can sit down with your kid and set it in a way that it can be updated daily, weekly, or even monthly. Plus, you can set tasks for the entire family within the app- how cool is that? The app can sync over multiple devices, and it also gives you the option to link your bank account to it, which can be helpful if you’re getting your child to try keeping track of his allowance and expenses. 


Conversation Planner

Being in social situations can actually be a nerve-wracking experience for children with ADHD, and that’s exactly where this app comes into the picture. Conversation Planner is a genius app that allows them to practice and prepare conversations that they might have, beforehand.

The app comes with 130 social skill scenarios where your child will learn how to interact with different kinds of people by choosing topics to talk about and a talking partner. 

This can help them feel more comfortable in situations that they might feel awkward in and can help them sharpen and improve their social skills. The app isn’t free but is reasonably priced.


Best Apps for kids with adhd


Choiceworks Calendar – apps for kids with adhd

Tracking and staying organized can be really helpful for children with ADHD, and that’s what this app aims to do. Choiceworks Calendar is actually a calendar that is picture-based and more kid-friendly. Kids can choose from the set of images available in the app to tag them to designated tasks they plan to do on certain dates, and they can also upload their own images if they want to.

What’s best is the fact that there are two versions of this app – one meant for younger children, and one meant for older kids.



Rooster Money

Rooster Money is an excellent app designed to specifically help growing children with ADHD manage their money effectively. Money management is an important life skill that is best learned early, and this app helps children with ADHD do just that, and more.

The app allows both parents and children to keep track of expenses, manage pocket money through a ‘bank account.’

Parents can monitor how much money is spent and/or saved, and children can do that from their version too. That’s not all. The app also allows children to set money goals and save up for something they’ve been planning to buy- like a new toy or a book. Rooster Money isn’t free but is well worth the money you’re paying.



Best Apps for kids with adhd – what would you add to this list? 


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