Best bathroom flooring ideas for a family home

Today – Best bathroom flooring ideas for a family home


Best bathroom flooring ideas


When I was a child we lived in a rented house. We didn’t have a great deal of money and we were not encouraged to make changes to the house without discussing them with our landlord. Needless to say that for many years we actually had carpet in our bathroom.

Carpet as bathroom flooring is not and never has been a very smart idea.

Carpet well from bathwater splashes – smells.

Carpet wet from toilet misses – smells.

Carpet squirted with toothpaste or shampoo – stains.

Carpet really is not one of the best flooring ideas for a family home.

Nope. If you want the cost feel of a carpet when you step out o your bath my advice would be to invest in high quality and easy to clean bath mat instead!

So what is?  Let’s take a look at what makes the best bathroom flooring



The best bathroom flooring ideas

When it comes to bathroom flooring you have a few options:


Laminate Flooring

You will save money immediately with laminate flooring because it is often easy to fir your self rather than having to hire a tiler. Most laminate literally just clicks together. laminate has many benefits as a bathroom floor. It can emulate the cool and stylish look of wood. I it comes in a variety of styles and colourways to compliment your interiors scheme. Laminate flooring is also low cost, durable and waterproof.

In fact it is a really good option if you are looking for best bathroom flooring ideas.


Best bathroom flooring ideas

Ceramic tiles

The benefits of porcelain or ceramic tiles in a bathroom are of course the fact they are so easy to clean and of course, they are waterproof. On the downside, they can be cold and aren’t always the comfiest thing to step on with your bare feet.


Slate/Natural Stone

I absolutely love the texture of slate or natural stone and it can bring a really great look to a bathroom that is both stylish and natural. The problem again can lie with a lack of comfort or warmth.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is water-resistant and usually pretty inexpensive and it can look absolutely amazing. Cheap vinyl flooring can be an awesome option if you are looking at best bathroom flooring ideas on a budget – it comes in so many styles and it can look so effective.


Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring has benefits over traditional wood flooring in that it is waterproof and low maintenance and it looks great. It can, however, be much more costly than laminate flooring which can look just as good.



Best bathroom flooring ideas – underfloor heating

If your bathroom floor is cold then underfloor heating can be a really good solution. It works with all types of flooring and with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, giving a warmer and cosier feel to this important room. Take a look at  Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies experts in their field who can help you make this a reality. 



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