The best bauble you can buy for £1

Hang a bauble

Christmas is so expensive isn’t it and it can leave a rather huge hole in your purse.

There isn’t a great deal you can get for £1 these days, barely even a bar of chocolate right?

But if you have just £1 to spare there is the best bauble you could buy over at HomeSense.It’s made of paper and you can’t take it home ,but you know what it is the very best bauble your pound could buy.

best bauble

It’s a bauble that makes a difference as proceeds go directly to a fabulous charity The Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme which helps support  vulnerable young people to achieve.

That’s a great bauble isn’t it and exactly what the Christmas message is all about.

I was proud to see my paper bauble happily swinging from HomeSense’s tree bearing my message of goodwill.

best bauble

I just love their Hang a Bauble scheme.


The Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme

The Achieve programme works with 13-19 year old’s to provide opportunities  for them to try out new activities, boost their confidence and gain a recognised Prince’s Trust qualification. They work with schools and centres across the UK and this year they will have supported 10,000 vulnerable young people to feel great!

What an awesome programme.

So yes I can say with absolute confidence this IS the best bauble you can buy for £1.

So pop on down to HomeSense and support an awesome cause this Christmas time. It certainly filled me with Christmas spirit to get involved in the fabulous Hang a Bauble campaign.



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  1. November 19, 2016 / 22:53

    What a brilliant idea. I don’t think we have a Homesense nearby, sadly.

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