Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents from Children

Today – Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents from Children

There’s nothing quite like the family home during Christmas time; our houses feel so cosy and festive. The decorations are up, the fridge is packed full of treats and – of course – there are presents. Some of us will know just how notorious children can be when it comes to ransacking the house to try and find out what you’ve got them this year. You want to see their faces when they open their presents for the first time. So, you might have to get creative with your hiding places.


Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents from Children


Let’s take a look – Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents from Children

The Workplace

You don’t necessarily have to be restricted to your own home. Have you considered hiding presents at your workplace? There’s no way your kids will find them there. Of course, this idea does depend on the space of your office and how happy your employer is with you using it as a storage space. Even if you can’t hide all of the presents there, it’s definitely one to consider for the most special presents you’re giving them as it’s a guarantee they won’t find them. You could even get yourself a little Christmas treat, too with the help of F. Hinds.


Is The Kitchen one of Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents from Children?

When it comes to hiding presents, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Literally. You could put the kids’ presents inside another box to stop them finding their gifts. For instance, you could use an old kitchen utensil box – they’re usually quite large and you can fit a decent amount of stuff in there. Plus, the kitchen is a good place to consider hiding presents as your kids aren’t likely to rifle through the cupboards without your permission.


The Attic

The chances are your children don’t really go up there all that much, so already the attic is a safe hiding space. To cover your tracks, you could follow suite with these Daily Mail readers, and put the presents in bin bags. Not every home as an attic but try to think of places in yours the children don’t go into much. The garden shed, the garage or the cleaning supplies cupboard. Think of places which you would find weird if your saw your kids there, and if see rooting about you can catch them in the act.


Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents – Out of Sight is the KEY!

It may seem like an obvious one, but it can work a treat. Put the presents somewhere your children can’t reach. On top of a wardrobe or cupboard can be a surprisingly sufficient spot. It’s out of eyeline and out of their physical grasp.



You know your home and your children better than anyone, you’re bound to find the perfect present hiding spot. Can you think of where would be good in your home fo the Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents from Children



Best Hiding Places for Christmas Presents – you decide!

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