The Best Maternity Footwear

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Our bodies go through so many changes when we’re pregnant, one change that most women do not believe until they are actually pregnant is that your feet will grow – with most feet growing half a size on average!

 The extra weight that you carry can leave feet feeling uncomfortable, so it is time to wave goodbye to those stilettos for 9 months. However, just because you will require comfortable and supportive shoes doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice your sense of style – most supportive maternity shoes follow the latest trends to guarantee a fashionable look. 

Ballet Shoes
 Most fashion retailers design ballet shoes with a very flat sole. While flat shoes may sound comfortable, it is advisable to avoid flat shoes as they do not offer adequate support for your feet. Brands such as Vionic have created the stylish look of ballet shoes but with a supportive and cushioning sole to guarantee comfort for feet during pregnancy. The Vionic Orthaheel uses biomechanical technology to help improve posture and support the feet and lower legs.

Wide Fit Shoes
If you already wore supportive shoes prior to your pregnancy, you may find that simply swapping to wide fit shoes will provide your feet with the additional room and comfort for when they grow. As well as having achy feet when pregnant, women can also find that their feet and ankles swell – this is a condition called edema, caused by the body’s increased production of progesterone. Stock up on foot care products and look after your feet with foot care products.

Wedge Heels
It is best to retire stiletto heels to the back of the closet while you are pregnant as the dramatic high heels can shorten your calf muscles – leading to lower back pain. However, if you have a dressy occasion to attend, it is unlikely that you will want to turn up in practical shoes – therefore wedge heels are the perfect choice! Dissimilar to high heels, a wedge heel elevates the toe and heel to a natural walking position – guaranteeing comfort, support and that all-important spot of style. It is recommended that you choose an orthotic wedge heel as this will provide stability and support to help reduce any foot discomfort associated with pregnancy.



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