Best Phone Case Gifts Under $50 for Your Loved One

Today lets take a look at the best phone case gifts under $50


Best Phone Case Gifts Under $50


Buying something for someone you love isn’t as easy as you might think. You want to get them something that’s both functional and perfectly suited to their style and personality all for a reasonable price. Accomplishing this might be harder than you think. The good news is, there is an affordable solution to this problem: stylish phone cases.

Think about it: a phone case is a perfect gift. Most are reasonably priced for under $50. They’re also practical – everyone needs a phone case, and they need to be replaced every so often if someone gets a new model of phone or wants a change in style. There is also any and all kinds of styles available, so no matter how unique the style or interests of your loved one, you’ll be able to find the perfect case for them.


Best Phone Case Gifts Under $50

Below, we’ll review some of the best options out there for affordable and stylish phone cases.


Trendy Phone Cases

If your loved one is up to date on current trends, there are a ton of great options available. Trendy phone cases, such as these from Casely, are popping up all over the internet. Things like tie-dye, floral patterns, neon, and marble are all enjoying popularity at the moment. Fashion, accessories, and even technology have all recently been inundated with these styles.

These trendy cases would be best suited for someone who is up to date on everything new, and who likes to have their personality shine through in their clothes and accessories. Matching your phone case to your clothing is a great way to complete a cohesive outfit and add another aesthetic element to your style.


Astrological Cases

Building off of phone cases that are trendy, phone cases that have an astrological theme or design are also a great option for a gift. This astrological style that is currently very popular includes things like moon and sun designs, general space themes, and zodiac signs. There are even cases that use tarot cards as their design inspiration. Crystals and geodes, another very trendy and popular design element and decor item, are also featured on these phone cases. Think of a very natural and spiritual style for these types of cases.

This type of design would be perfect for someone who is passionate about stars or spirituality. Another great thing about these cases is that they can be both simple or bold in their design, so you have even more great options when choosing the perfect case for your loved one.


Understated Phone Cases

On the other hand, some people tend to prefer to keep their phone cases understated and simple, only really utilizing them for the purpose of protecting their phone. Sometimes it can be hard to find a phone that’s both plain and not too bulky since most simple designs are often the ones that you see marketed only for drop protection.

While there are plenty of patterned cases to choose from, there are also great collections of understated cases. These include phone cases that are all one color, a simple neutral pattern, or transparent. This would be a great option for a loved one that has a more sleek style or enjoys styles that are understated and simple. These could also be considered timeless – they might not see the point in choosing a trendy phone case if those trends will only change.




Sustainable Phone Cases

More and more, people are looking for options that are sustainable and kind to the planet. Phone cases are no different. If your loved one is starting a low or zero waste lifestyle, or just wants to make more conscious decisions in general, then they would certainly appreciate a sustainable phone case.

There are first of their kind phone cases, offering choices that aren’t only durable and cute, but completely compostable too. With a sustainable phone case, your loved one can enjoy a stylish new phone case while also maintaining peace of mind that they are doing all they can for the planet.


Multi-Purpose Phone Cases

For someone who is always on the go and enjoys a more minimalist aesthetic, phone cases with built-in pockets or cardholders are always a great choice. These built-in accessories will enable your loved one to keep their credit cards, ID, or frequently used cards like a metro card at close hand. This is also great for professionals who need to show ID or have a badge for work since this provides an easy alternative to rummaging around in a bag.

This would also be a great option for that person who doesn’t like to carry much at all, preferring to go about their day without a purse or a bag. Expanding on this idea, a case with a built-in pocket or cardholder is perfect for anyone who loves to travel. Having your phone and cards together is a great way to condense your belongings and keep the most important ones close at hand.


Best Phone Case Gifts Under $50


Customizable Phone Cases

Of course, there is always the option of a customizable phone case. While there are countless options for phone cases already in existence, some people want a design that they know is one of a kind. Luckily, there are usually a ton of great options available for customization. You can choose from different patterns or from something plain, then add text or photos. It’s a nice gesture to gift someone a case that they know you specifically designed for them.

Adding photos is also a great way to personalize a phone case. Think about it: people use their phones constantly. Why not have a photo of friends, family, or a beloved pet somewhere that you can see all day?


Final Thoughts

As you can see from the choices above, there are almost infinite options to choose from when looking for a phone case to give a loved one. Whether they would prefer something trendy, simple, functional, sustainable, or even customizable, there is a way to find the perfect phone case.



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