5 Best Small Patio Ideas on a Budget

Are you looking for the best small patio ideas and inspiration?

According to the Collins dictionary ‘a patio can be defined as an area of flat blocks or concrete next to a house, where people can sit and relax or eat. […]’

A patio can lead on to a grass garden but sometimes a patio is the backyard itself. Whichever you have you will really want to make the best of it and I have some lovely ideas for you here to help you create to a small garden patio you will enjoy sitting in.


5 Best Small Patio Ideas on a budget 


Pots of flowers

I love to see an array of gorgeous pots on a patio filled to bursting with beautiful and colourful flowers.  My personal favourite is terracotta pots but I know a lot of people who like to colour theme their pots so that even in winter their patio gets a colour injection. 

In terms of flowers my choice would be red geraniums and a profusions of purple pansies or petunias. In spring I would opt for tiny Narcissus daffodils and big fat red tulips to give that joyous feeling to the garden.


Small Patio Ideas


Small patio ideas – a fragrant patio

I really enjoy it when people use fragrant herbs and flowers in their small patio pots. Lavender is always a hit of course but rosemary and thyme and mint are lovely to have hanging around and of also jasmine is a delight  when you are looking for small patio ideas.

Fragrance can also be added by beautifully scented citronella candles that give off a sweet lemongrass scent that repels insects and also fills the air with a gorgeous aroma.




A great table – cute small patio ideas

This small metal bistro set for two people is just right for those looking for the perfect seating for a small patio.



Not only does it look elegant and timeless but it is practical too. The perfect place for an evening meal or a coffee for two. I love catching up with a friend on my patio and taking in some fresh air. Such good use of our little space. I like to spend time out here in alone too with a glass of wine and a good book.

Just lovely.

And of course metal sets are weatherproof which makes them a good longer term investment for your garden. 


 Small Patio Ideas – Lighting

If you are going to sit outside in the evening you might need to think about lighting for your small patio.

Solar lights are great planted into pots and strings of fairy lights can  be strung anywhere and they can be battery operated and they look so very pretty.  A couple of wall lights would  give a brighter glow but would need wiring. Lights are a fabulous addition if you want to make the best of your small patio all year round.


small patio ideas


Heating – Small Patio Ideas

A small fire pit, a Chiminera or a patio heater would also work well to help you get the very best of your patio, no matter how chilly it was to get. A heater also brings ambiance and light so it truly makes a difference to your small patio area.


 I do hope these small patio ideas on a budget  have inspired you. Do you have any to add Small Patio Ideas to add?


5 Best Small Patio Ideas is a collaborative post 


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