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In today’s difficult financial climate, the last thing we need is to see one of our home appliances fail on us. Indeed, those of us who are looking to move into a new home can find a whole host of added expenses with furnishing our new abode. To make sure you keep those costs down, we’ve picked out a few non-brand items which will last for years.




One of the best things you can do to keep the costs down is invest in a double oven rather than buying an oven and a microwave. If you find yourself regularly cooking foods separately, you could save up to 50% by purchasing one appliance that does it all at once. One particular favourite that’s proved a hit with consumers is the AEG Double Oven, with many saying that it’s better than the more popular Bosch and Ness appliances.


It may be a luxury for some, but for larger families, a dependable dishwasher is an absolute necessity, particularly with little ones. One household appliance that cannot be scrimped on is one which deals with plumbing, as frequent breakdowns can bring upon even more expense as you call in tradesmen to fix the leak. To keep this to a minimum, the Hotpoint LTB4M116 Integrated Dishwasher is the perfect choice, having been chosen as one of the leading value home appliances by Which.


A good sturdy bed frame is a worthy investment if your want your bedroom furniture to stand the test of time. While it can be tempting to be lured into the charms of a furniture salesman, often it is better to go online, and websites such as Bedstar offer a great choice of sturdy bed frames without the added cost of land-based mark ups. What’s more, if you’re in a hurry, you can also get next day delivery.


Another winner by the Which consumer product testers, this hoover from the Dyson range is on the far cheaper end of the Dyson scale, but it by no means compromises on quality. The Dyson DC28c features radial root cyclone technology for better suction, and can also be manoeuvred more easily thanks to its ball shape. As an added bonus, users have commented on its usefulness when it comes to picking up animal hair, so if you’ve got pets, this is a brilliant value home appliance.






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