Best Ways to Secure Your Garage

Best Ways to Secure Your Garage

According to a recent Police study, homes and garages with no security are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Garages can house lawn mowers, cars, tools and everything else which makes them targets for all different types of burglar’s after all different types of things. To keep away the burglars you need to secure your garage as best you can. But what are some of the best ways to secure them?

secure garage, Best Ways to Secure Your Garage

Lock All the Doors

Simply lock all the doors. You would be wise to make sure that when you are not using your garage you keep the doors locked so that any intruders will not have easy access. Attaching a padlock to your door can also deter any attempted intruders. They will be less likely to try your door if they see a padlock because it means they have to go to more effort trying to unlock it or break it.

Secure the Windows

As soon as a burglar sees an open window they are thinking: “JACKPOT!”  The easiest route into any garage is through the windows. Without having to open the large garage door or a side door they have found their way in and will be riffling through your stuff before you know it.

One of the best ways to secure your garage and your belongings is by making sure that your windows are far from breakable. For the best results opt for reinforced or tempered glass. Both of which are more durable than normal single pained glass.

If you want to really splash the cash and make sure your garage is like something only a nuclear bomb could get into, then window bars are for you. Costly, not exactly attractive and impacting heavily upon the amount of light, window bars will make it near impossible for a burglar to break in.

Secure Items inside the Garage

Locking away any valuables that are in the garage means your belongings are more secure. Putting your tools into locked boxes means they are a lot harder to get to. This can once again prevent burglars stealing your belongings but also make the garage look a lot tidier. If worst comes to worse and you are burgled, you will know exactly what was taken because everything was tidied and secured in a certain place.

Fit the Correct Garage Door – Best Ways to Secure Your Garage

The best way to secure a garage is to make sure that the door is as secure as possible. With the right door and lock system, your garage will be untouchable. Choosing the right door means considering purpose, look, lock system and colour. From vertically opening, up and over doors or sideways opening doors there is a great deal of choice. A sectional door which will open vertically and has an anti-lift kit-latch is one of the best choices. This lock system will work to secure your garage. With the lock being purely mechanical, it will even work if the power shuts off.

Fit an Outside light

One last way to make sure your garage and all your belongings are as safe as possible is to fit an outside light. Alerting you if there are any disturbances outside, causing the burglars to scarper and if you are away maybe even alerting the neighbours. An outside light is a must have! Install it outside the door, on the wall and see how well it can protect your garage.

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