Big Buys Now That Will Save Money Later

Buys Now That Will Save Money Later

Big Buys Now That Will Save Money Later

Being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap. A person who is cheap tries to save every penny possible, buying the absolute cheapest of items for the sake of being a miser and watching those numbers in their bank account grow (or at least, not drop). However, as is often the case, people who buy cheap often get what they pay for and end up with a multitude of low-quality possessions that break or burn out well before their prime. Being frugal means investing money into something that is of higher quality and will therefore last for ages. It’s a savvy way of spending that saves loads of money in the long run. With that in mind we’ll take a look at some purchases that require a hefty down payment but can save you tons in the future.


Sunglasses come in two categories: cheap and quality. The cheap ones cost £10 from H&M or TK Maxx, look good for that season’s collection, last for all of five minutes before the plastic buckles or the screws that hold the hinge mechanism fall out and offer exactly zero UV protection, relying on cheap filters to reduce the latent brightness of the day. A quality pair is the exact opposite. They cost £100 or more, are available online in classic styles that outlive trends and survive for years, are made from sturdy and durable materials and will also protect your eyes, causing you to squint less and leaving you less susceptible to eye diseases and expensive doctor’s appointments. It’s a no brainer to a money-saver what the best choice would be.


Not only will this save you money, it’ll probably save your life. Buying cheap tires is one of the fastest ways to waste money – you may as well stack it and burn it. An old saying goes: “Never skimp on anything that comes between you and the ground.” This includes mattresses, shoes and – you guessed it – tires. A tire is under a lot of stress all the time. It has a pretty hectic job; supporting two tons of steel, four humans, an engine block and a million minutia of tires, screws and cogs, all while moving at speeds in excess of 100km/h. And, truth be told, a cheap one made from flimsy materials is going to buckle fast. Its tread will go bald faster than a man in his twenties and if you’re not keeping an eye on its longevity, you could risk a blowout. Instead, always opt for premium tires to ensure you have thousands of happy miles instead of hundreds of miserable ones.


The same logic that is applied to sunglasses can be applied here. Buying cheap, mass-produced articles of clothing that are seasonal is a surefire way to waste money. Rather opt for well-made clothing made from quality materials. You’ll find that the colours bleed less, the fabric doesn’t become threadbare, and the stitching remains strong. The patterns and designs used in quality clothing are also more timeless, meaning you’ll spend less on new designs while still looking good.

Solar Panels

In a world that’s increasingly moving away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, this is one saving that can’t be ignored. Solar panels are, admittedly, quite the upfront investment. They’re not cheap. But as solar panels become more efficient at converting sunlight to energy, the price per kilowatt of energy drops. Once you pay for your initial installation of solar panels, your lowered electricity bill will pretty much pay for the costs within a couple of years. You’ll also be saving the environment to boot.


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  1. August 6, 2018 / 08:50

    Great list! The thing is, all of these costs a lot especially if you’re going for high quality ones like clothing. People don’t realize that its a lot cheaper to buy 1 piece of shirt that you can use for 2 years rather than buying 3 pcs of shirt in a year because of bad quality.

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