Birthday Parties on a Budget

Birthday Parties on a Budget

Parties for kids these days can include limousines, party bags which rival the gifts, state of the art cakes and whole class invites. Parties tend to last 2 hours max.

You have to consider is the expense really worth it?

I have thrown expensive parties and budget parties for my kids and I would say hands down the budget parties have been more fun because I had to be more creative so they were more unique. And I was less stressed as there were less people to cater for and consequently my kids were more relaxed too. Here are some budget ideas for birthdays


Birthday Parties on a Budget

Birthday Parties on a Budget



            Birthday Themes     

Themes can take away the need for expensive venues or entertainers. Last year I threw my son a Lego party and the 6 kids watched a Lego movie and played some Lego inspired game followed by tea and a Lego building contest. Great fun and a low cost. My daughter had a themed puppy party for her fourth, again 6 friends at home all bring a cuddly toy pup to the party. We had doggy obstacle races, play dough puppy making, puppy colouring sheets and puppy pass the parcel. For puppy pass the parcel instead of a sweet on each level there was a puppy command like ‘bark’ or ‘sit’ or ‘fetch.’ It was so funny. The party bag was a fairy cake the kids had self decorated with a puppy topper.


.A Birthday Cake

As always this can be made as a gift by a close friend or relative as a gift. A cake is all over in a matter of moments and really who are we trying to impress. Much as they may go and on about it pre- party in my experience kids only look for moments at their cake they are WAY more interested in their party and their gifts.

Party Bags at Birthday Parties on a Budget

Keep it very simple may just get left in the back of card. A temporary tattoo and a balloon and a bit of cake always seem to go down well.


Birthday Parties on a Budget Games

Magicians, piñatas and the like are great entertainment but can cost a fortune; it doesn’t matter at all if games are old as the hills and led by dad. Musical bumps and penalty shoot outs are always a hit, kids just like to play.



Your child will probably get many gifts so don’t feel at all that you need to get bits to go with their main gift. Club together with others if they want a big gift out of your range,

When it comes to buying for other children remember your gift is one of many and it doesn’t matter at all if it was inexpensive as long as they will have fun with it.

There are many things which are required to plan a birthday occasion. Birthdayinspire is one of the best sources you can use to find many more birthday ideas for party, gifts, activities, etc..


I hope you have found this post on Birthday Parties on a Budget to be useful.  Do you have any ideas for Birthday Parties on a Budget? You might also like my post on frugal birthday ideas


birthday parties on a budget





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