Black Converse Boots

My husband is rather a creature of habit and often likes to replace things he has worn out with exactly the same item. I can’t fault this for logic or budgeting ethos…it is a good strategy. He knows what works for him, what he likes and what is worth the money. Savvy I reckon.

He reckons he has found the best ever men’s boots.

black converse boots

Several years ago now ( probably about 6) I bought him a pair of Converse Boots. Now I wanted to buy him green but he insisted he wanted black because they would go with everything and so the would wear them more. Again a smart decision really. He is very practical.

He wore these boots everywhere, they have been to football , walks in the wood, played tennis, been to the pub, been on many a holiday and just for everyday kicking around. They have been comfortable washable and stylish and he was so right they looked good with everything.

So recently we were asked if we would like to review  the Cloggs website and a pair of shoes from there at .

Being the loving wife I am (and having so many shoes on the go) I suggested he pick a pair.

Cloggs is a great online shoes shop and the No 1 Online Retailer of branded shoes. From them you you get …

*free fast delivery

*free returns

*an update of your dispatch and delivery

*great value shoes

They sell a great range of top branded footwear .

I thought he might go for a cool pair of Vans

or even a cool pair of Havianas


perhaps a snazzy paiir of Hunter wellies in olive  for his beloved gardening time

Despite liking all these my budget conscious hubby stuck with what he knew, great value, long lasting , can be worn with anything Converse. And yes you have guessed it he got them in black replacing his now rather worn out old pair.

black converseBlack

Converse Boots



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