Bonfire Night Crafts

Today – Bonfire Night Crafts

As well as the excitement of a huge bonfire, spectacular fireworks and delicious hot food, you can make the most out of the 5th November by spending some crafty time with your kids. Here are some simple activities to bring the magic of firework night indoors. All you need to do is stock up on a variety of art supplies (I recommend Artifolk), clear a table or desk and create some fantastic bonfire fabrications!

Bonfire Night Crafts


Bonfire Night Crafts – explosive ideas


Crayon Etching Fireworks

With a felt tips or colouring pencils, colour a card completely with bright colours, either in an organised pattern or randomly for younger children. Then cover the brightly coloured card completely in black crayon: you have now got your night sky. For your firework display scrapes lines and explosion off the black wax to uncover the vibrant colours beneath.


Kitchen Foil Sparklers

A safer alternative to the real thing with the added advantage of being able to make it from things lying around the kitchen. All you need is… tin foil! You can add star stickers for an extra flourish if you like. The basic idea is to cut from the edge of a rectangle of foil to the middle to make a fringe around and then twist a strand to give a rigid stick.


Paper Plate Catherine Wheel

This one can get messy. Simply drizzle different colour paints on a white paper plate and then rotate with it upright so its dribbles around the plate. After the paint has dried, attach some lengths of sequin threads with tape so they are flowing down. Add glitter or star stickers and pin onto board or hang like a mobile.



Bonfire Collage

The main ingredient for this activity is tissue paper. Collect as many different shades of orange, yellow and red sheets of possible and tear into flame shaped strips. Stick down to white paper with gluestick in the shape of a tall bonfire. Add twigs, brown paper and other bits and pieces at the bottom then stick it to the fridge.


Make Your Own Guy Fawkes

Penny for the guy is no longer the popular tradition it used to be but that is no reason not to make your own Fawkes dummy – even if you are not going to go for the gruesome burning part! Just get some old clothes (a hoody is the best item for the top), balls of scrunched up old newspaper and a paper bag. Stuff the clothes with the newspaper and use the paperbag as the head and draw a face on with black marker pen.


Parliament Painting

Give your kids the ultimate challenge of drawing and painting the Houses of Parliament. This is a good way to explain to them the meaning behind bonfire night.

bonfire night crafts


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  1. Fiona Cambouropoulos
    October 31, 2017 / 10:29

    Some lovely ideas, we love doing the crayon one

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